Sunday, 30 January 2011

scrap scrap scrappin

Hi everyone! I just got finished on my first custom scrapbook order! I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out cos it was to be based on a subject that's a little out of my cupcakes and cute stuff comfort zone. It was...wait for it...motorbikes! Oh yes, but I think I did ok, here are some peeks, what do you think? 

i'm just in love with luggage tags at the moment!

Also the cute little roads paper I found in an old design magazine.

Polaroid love!! from the polaroid cards I got in London

The little motorbike sketch at the top is too sweet for words..I want to draw like that!

And of course...we can't miss out the love note envelopes.

So there it is..what do you think? I'll be back later with some long awaited Etsy updates. Hurrah! I hope you are enjoying your Sunday! 

Love Danielle

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Sofia's Journal

Howdy! I have long since been a reader of Sofia's Journal

a wonderful insightful blog that is full to bursting with cuteness, advice and opinion! It's one of my regular must-reads. The other day I spotted a post called The Ugly Side of Blogging and just had to have a read. It was fantastic! It speaks openly about the blogging world that no-one really talks about but everyone is's definately worth a look, and while you're there check out the rest of her blog! 

I'm going to get my current project finished, I'll share pics later!

Love Danielle

Friday, 28 January 2011

Happy Blog Day to me!

Hi everyone, I'm super excited cos I hit a pretty big mile-stone today. My blog is exactly one year old! And growing so fast!! I simply couldn't ask for a more beautiful supportive set of readers, seriously, every single comment makes my day!

Here is a little round-up of my blogging year with 12 of my favourite posts! (click the links to see the full posts)

January //  My first Etsy must have item

February //  I discovered my new motto

March //  I found my new favourite movie...ever

April //  I opened my Etsy store

May //  I fell in love with some owls

June //  I swooned over summer dresses

July //  I ate an insane amount of cupcakes

August //  I joined a sewing machine class

September //   I discovered a new love for doilys

October //  I got spooked

November //  I got a new craft room

December //  I had a magical Christmas

I'm so looking forward to another year...I really feel like this year is gonna be big. Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and is ever supportive! Love you all!!

Love Danielle

Thursday, 27 January 2011

getting happy step at a time

Just a quick little hello as it's pretty late and I STILL have scrap booking to do! I'm so happy tonight, I hit 2 targets with one of my 26 before 27 weight loss. I really feel like I'm on the right track and getting there! I promise that when I get where I'm going I will show some before/after pictures. Do I count as a project restyle? well...maybe!


Big day tomorrow...

Love Danielle

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

speaking of cake...

Ok, so no one was talking about cake, I just wanted to bring it up. I'm so impressed by some of the cakes that are available today, seriously, the people who make these beauties have my full admiration!

I'd actually love this for my wedding, a whole wedding themed on tea and cake! How fabulous, I don't think my man would be as enthusiastic! 

And of course, individual teacup cupcakes... Bliss! Just look at the detail, mmmm!

And another of my loves... an edible form. I'm sure I wished for this once. They are so intricate, I don't think i would dare eat these, I couldn't bear to spoil them!

I've been a busy girl in my craft room the past few days, making it look like this...

It's for a good reason though, I got my first custom scrapbook order. Very excited. I'm already two thirds done!

And back to the cake...what's your favourite flavour?

Love Danielle

Sunday, 23 January 2011

oh I do like to be beside the seaside

Happy Sunday! 

We like to try and have some family time on Sundays, get out and get some fresh air. I guess we are pretty lucky that we are about a 10 min walk from the beach. It wasn't a particularly lovely day today but we wrapped up and headed on out! 

Haydn is just starting to learn to ride his new bike...he loves it!

That is of course when his daddy isn't riding it.

It was soooo cold, Haydn ended up wearing Sharrys gloves...which are humongous!

We did some silly things and running about...

have you ever seen such excitement? All we had to do was mention ice cream!
It wasn't too cold for a treat!

And of one wanted to walk home!

What did you do for your Sunday? 

Love Danielle 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

all change

Things are all changing in my world at the moment, I have handed my notice in at work and will, as of a month be working with SHOES! I'm pretty excited, although it's more hours, it's closer to home and will mean Haydn does less days in child care. I'm pretty busy at the moment trying to get things organised at work and leave so I feel someone else can take over but I need to make sure I'm still doing super fun stuff so today, we did this...

lovely biscuit decorationg! It went down a treat, I had loads of fun and got to eat some yummy sweets too! I just realised that I don't know what lots of you guys do as jobs, let me know!

Love Danielle

Friday, 21 January 2011

baby, it's cold outside

but not that cold... hi everyone, I'm struggling with my wardrobe at the moment! I'm really wanting to wear all my pretty little dresses and legging and I am totally fine with the snuggly boots...but the coat/cardigan and sleeves issue is confusing me! I am in LOVE with my new ultra warm cardigan but it only has mid length sleeves and its too thick to put a coat on with....literally..I die! So, I think the only answer is to buy some long fingerless gloves! So I have been window shopping on Etsy and found these that are taking my fancy at the moment...

These are sooo pretty...I can just see myself out shopping and feeling so pretty in these...I think with the kind of person I am though, I wuld have stained, wrecked or ruined them within a day...They would be so lovely for special events and date nights though!

The detailing on this is amazing! So pretty and femine, I love how they make your fingers look so cute too. (Thats probably a wierd thing to put but I have kinda stumpy fingers and these gloves do wonders for that!) If these went all the way to my elbows....prefection!

Now these....look the absolute, warmest comfiest gloves. I need these. I love the colour too! I will really have to work on keeping up with my nail polish though, it chips way too easy...anybody have any tips on stopping that from happening?

I'm going to spend some time with my notebook now! Have a nice night guys!

Love Danielle

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A matter of language

Good evening lovlies, just a quick little post today on my thought for the day. As I've been scouring blog land and also on YouTube recently I have been really disheartened by all the negative commenting that goes on. Just because people have the Internet to hide behind they feel it's ok to absolutely tear into anyone they don't quite agree with. I bet not one of those hateful commenters would say any of what they write to someone in person, so why be so hurtful? So my thought for the day comes in the form of this gorgeous illustration I found on etsy.

You can buy this beautiful piece here and I just want to say how thankful I am to all my lovely wonderful readers who are never anything except kind and supportive with your words!

Love Danielle

London baby...happy shots

Wow, thanks for bearing with me while I trawl through my London trip in all of it's photographic glory! Here is one final post of silly happy pictures that I took...many of them will feature Emma and I grinning like school kids at an outstretched camera!

modelling Emma's shiny new sequin bow!

Emma and the infamous bow!

Getting ready to go and see Love Never Dies.

Cocktails at Inamo.

Trying on some amazing vintage headwear!

Yep, I had to have a go too!

And some less vintage..more crazy headwear!

Evening outfits.

Glasses anyone?

One of two supercute turban headbands.

A very pretty and very expensive anthrolpologie dress.

The soles of my crazy, beautiful, broken shoes!

 Say cheese!

Thanks for reading, I love that I can share my pictures with you all!

Love Danielle