Thursday, 30 September 2010

loving these autumn days

Today was beautiful! It was sunny and blustery with a nip in the air! Lovely lovely! I bought some lovely thick wooly tights today to go with my new skirts!

This one is layered and covered in little flowers!

Pretty flowers!

And this is my better than half price bargain! Cute Paisley and ruffles!

I'll show some wearing pics soon! I'm ultra excited for autumn... I bought Halloween goodies today too!
And we have a new member of the team...

Hello MacBook pro...I do love you so!
Love Missy

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

last chance giveaway!

I forgot to say that it is the last few hours of the owl giveaway over at Oh, my darling. Where you can win any of my owl plushies! Quickly now... scoot on over and sign up! 

Thanks to those of you that have entered already I have been and read all the beautiful comments you left!

Love Missy

p.s there may be some extra secret prizes that I will give away too!

lovely art

Good evening all... I am feeling slightly under the weather today... I think my cold may be back with avengence...anyhoo not to worry as I found these lovely lovely pieces of art to cheer me up!

I love all of these pieces by leah duncan. I spent ages looking at all the pretty things on her site. 

I was also excited to find that you can buy her pretty fabrics on her etsy... when I get some craft spendies I will be sure to purchase some.

I love this style of drawing... makes me want to sketch... but my head hurts right now. So  I will look at these lovelies a while longer!

Goodnight and happy thoughts!
Love Missy

Monday, 27 September 2010

hello and goodnight

Hi! Yep I already posted today but I'm still mega happy and excited so I did some crafting this evening and would like share lulu with you! She is a techy nerd owlet an wants to keep your laptop safe!

She is lovely, I would like a laptop to make the pair!

Goodnight lovelies!

Love Missy

P.s. I will try to post the bargain skirt tomorrow gen xxx

a little coffee break...

hello, I am super happy today! It must be something about Mondays cos I was really happy last Monday too! 

Anyway, I had a really productive morning in town with Haydn...after we had our ritual trip to starbucks that is! I got some new product ideas and so cheap you wouldn't even believe! Plus, I saw a skirt that I wanted ages ago but never got cos it was too expensive...and today it was massively reduced! Yay, for bargains. Also, bought lots of halloween and christmas supplies for my residents and am going to do card making all afternoon with them!

source...i Love this!!

Also, I am all about positive thinking and happy thoughts at the moment  (posibbly brought on by watching Peter Pan over 15 times int he last 2 days with Haydn!) so anyway, I typed it into google...lookie at what I found!

 Is this not just a perfect doodle...well it's more of a piece af art if you ask me! I found this at The Notebook Doodles... one of the most beautiful and inspiring blog I have come across...ever. I can't wait to come home later and go through all the older posts! In fact...give me some time as I think this will be a Beautiful Talent feature very soon! Go on over though and have a ready to smile and feel uplifted!

Ok, I'm off to work!
Love Missy

Sunday, 26 September 2010

this is halloween!

hello, an afternoon post for a change hey! I am being super organised today...that said I have been having a little browse on Etsy to find some Halloween goodies! I know this may seem a littel early but at work I have to start my Halloween activities now so that we have enough stuff to decorate the home with by the end of October!

I love all things felt! This pumpkin brooch by KaelaMills is just perfectly adorable!

I'm loving these twisted ribbon flowers at the moment so it seems quite fitting that this one by MagicalDreamTouch in beautiful halloween colours should be featured!

This little pumpkin necklace from lulubugjewelry is so pretty! I love it so! She also has so many other gorgeous pieces in her shop..I was there for some time!  

And this kitty by artTdolls! Oh my gosh...he just wants a hug don't you think! love love him!

Happy Sunday! 

Love Missy

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Beautiful Talent: Gia Canali

Hey there, tonight is the night for me to introduce you to some more jaw droppingly amazing talent. Today we are down the road of photography and in particular that of Gia Canali.

I stumbled across her work the other day whilst looking for this beautiful doily wedding dress and am in love with her work!

Her blog, pursuing the picture perfect wedding is no less than stunning. She has captured so many people's special day in such a unique style...I could look at it all day! These are from my favourite wedding... i love the styling of the pictures and also the wedding beautiful!

This is magical! Such a gorgeous bride and a wonderful picture!

Seriously, the styling and idea for this wedding is beautiful!

I love love love this! Such a beautiful moment captured perfectly!

Gia also does other photography, 

 family photography...makes me smile so much!

and this is so cool.. her underwater project photographs blow me away!

You can find Gia's portfolio and contact details here and her blog here too. I suggest you go over and have a prepared to get caught up in the beauty of it all!

Love Missy

Friday, 24 September 2010

new things..long time coming!

Hello, I am blogging early...ish tonight. I have finally got round to photographing my new items for the shop. Phew...this took some major organisation on my part to be at home long enough in daylight to get the pics! Anyway, I managed it with a little help from Haydn...who was so interested he has ended up in some of the pictures!

First up...we have my Autumn items...there will be more added to this collection soon!

This little Acorn Headband...i love it...I had Haydn wearing it...I wish boys could wear headbands lol...he won't appreciate it when he is 18 lol!

This flower and leaves is really sweet...I'm trying to find someone to model them for pics cos they look way better on!

This camera/Ipod case, very seasonal..lovely leaves in the wind.

Then we get onto the owl themed products (some of these have already appeared on here)

Bert: He is just a little plushie but this pic is cute..I may have to make him into a sleep mask! What do you think?

I decided to go with the name daisy cos of her eyes! 

And I turned this little guy into a key chain. I may keep him.

Evelyn butterfly, had her picture taken...she is oh so photogenic!

A new button clock! This time in miniature, I love purple!

and finally, zip flower hair clips. I wear one of these in my hair everyday now... I really love them and they get noticed so often. As of next week they will be available to buy in an actual shop! It's a one off through a friend of a friend but still...a real shop!

Anyway...what a heavy picture post! I'm off to finish listing these items on etsy now.

Love Missy

p.s just for thoughts...would you guys prefer a giveaway or discount code...or other offer like buy one get one half price etc?

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

hello autumn my old friend...

Hi! It's official...autumn is here. I have my skirt ready to go this weekend...with some tights and boots, obviously! I am mega inspired by the beautiful colours that are about right now...warm reds, oranges, browns and golds. 

So much so that I have decided to do a little 'fall' themed range. I gotseriously busy with it tonight and have my first 3 items. I really wanted to share pics with you tonight but I left it too late and the light is so bad I couldn't get even a half decent picture...I'll share tomorrow though! 

It's gonna be halloween soon too! We didn't make a big deal of it last year, ( Haydn was pretty much scared of all costumes except his own!) but I figure why the hell not...its another excuse for some more crafting and fun treats! I wanna carve loads of pumpkins too and have a cute window display!

AND as I mentioned about the classic movies the other day...I finally watched breakfast at Tiffanys. So not what I was expecting but absolutely gorgeous! I spent more time watching the people rather than the film, but it was lovely...i love cat!

So I am on a high as I go to bed tonight...happy happy happy! How has your day been? I'd love to know what you have been doing...are you as excited by Autumn as me?

Love Missy 

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

an owly giveaway!

Hi guys, I'm super duper excited tonight, the lovely Melissa over at Oh, my darling is holding a giveaway for me to win an owl plushie of your choice from my shop!! You can find out how to enter here! 

Julian is just one of the owls available! You can see the other owls in my shop.

Love Missy

Monday, 20 September 2010

feeling the doily love

Good Evening! I just found this while blog surfing...( I've finally caught up on most of my reading!) This wedding dress is amazing! I'm not sure if I would wear it...I would certainly try it though.

The bride whose name is Jillian and she made this dress herself! Talk about ultra talented.

Infact, her whole handmade wedding was fantabulous. I love it.

The colours go so prettily together too. Seriously though I cannot get over the's doilys, beautiful, beautiful doilys. Yes. I love doilys.

Love Missy

Sunday, 19 September 2010

movie nostalgia

Hi! I didn't blog last night cos I had a movie date with my boy...we went to see Devil...heard of it? Yup, it was scary! Now, I do love scary films but I need to watch at least one episode of family guy or something similar afterwards to tke my mind off it, otherwise I have nightmares! So it was pretty late by the time I got to bed.

Anyway, I got to thinking about some of the classic, must see movies, such as Breakfast at Tiffanys, Casablanca etc and I am totally ashamed to say I haven't seen any of them.

I think that I would really love them and am making it my Autumn pledge to make time to watch some. Have you got any suggestions of must see old movies? 

Your help is really appreciated on this one!!
Love Missy

p.s new products and a giveaway coming soooon!

Friday, 17 September 2010

if you aren't obsessed with patterns...i'd probably skip this!

Hi! Oh my gosh, this is so rushed...I apologise if it's full of spelling mistakes lol! I am on my 30 min lunch in which I have to get from one job to the other nd eat some sort of food. I have opted for a cheese toastie (which is yummy by the way) and to try and get this post done!

So, I promised to share the Ikea fabrics I bought the other day, here they are! I love the little fox! I want him as a plushie!! Also, I think the birdcage would make a super cute bag!

I also bought some new retro papers for my mini scrapbooking I want to do so here they are too...

Ahh, I love paper!

some close ups of the sweet designs! I love how it mixes all the different styles!!

I am soo loving the camera drawings too!!

I had to throw in some lovey dovey ones too as they were just so pretty!

These lovlies are from the paper swap I did with my collection is now ginormous and sooo full of colour! Here are some of my faves.

Love yellow at the moment!

Kinda similar but different!

I just cant decide what to use them all for now!!

This reminds me of 70's wall paper...fab!

Ok, I am now officially late..Im off!

Love Missy