Thursday, 9 September 2010

i need some of this...

Hi there, I didnt post yesterday as I had a late night chatting and catchig up with my sister, we had a good old scour on Etsy too! I quite fancy having a go at making my own rings, I have lots of ideas so I was looking for ring backs, the lovely lady from sugaryberry i found that sells them, also sells polymer clay canes...have you heard of these before? I hadnt! They are so cute and I am pretty sure I will be ordering some soon!

You can slice a piece of these canes with a caft knife and use them as embellishments or decorations, they are such cute shapes! I think these rosy apples are my faves!

I do also love these frogs too.

Oh oh and the mini fruit selction too. They do look like you could eat them....although I wouldnt recommend it!

These are one of the cutest craft things I have seen in ages! If you want to see all of the other fabulous japenese products please go on over to Sugaryberrys etsy store! It's lovely! Sleep now....long day tomorrow.

Love Missy


  1. I love polymer clay canes! (okay, so I've never USED them and don't own any, but I love looking at them!) As soon as I think up something to do with them, I'm going to buy some! Hope you and your sister are having fun!

  2. Those are awesome thank you for finding and sharing!

  3. cuteeeee! the froggie ones are LOVE!

  4. These are so adorable! Love the fruits!


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