Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Photo's from the weekend

I am really pleased that I managed to keep snapping away all weekend with my camera. I always have the best intentions but end up forgetting (duh?!) Anyway, it was super easy this time and I used the delightful Instagram app again, here is a little peek at what we did, you know, apart from the wedding of course!! 

I'll be posting lots of inspiration posts later this week so check back soon!
I know it's a little late but I hope your weekend was fabulous!
Love Danielle

Look what I won!

So excited, I got an email from the lovely Katie from Katiecakes today to tell me I had won the Hotel Chocolat Easter Egg giveaway on her blog! Just look at it!!

Understandably I am very eggcited (oh no, I didn't do that) to recieve this baby in the post. What could be better than getting mail? Chocolate mail, that's what! I love Katie's blog and it has been another of my regular reads since I found her. Go have a look, it's cute overload! 

Thanks Katie!
Love Danielle

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Wedding

Hi all, as you know I went to Spain over the weekend, think it has been the longest time of non blogging was worth it though, I got to spend 3 beautiful days with my gorgeous friend Emma for her wedding in Spain! And now I am going to share shedloads of photos from the day!

See, isn't she just stunning!

They wrote their own vows to each other...

Could you get a more serene setting? I think not...


Bridesmaids and the sweetest page boy!

Both these ladies sat with me here, are other words come close!

This cheeky boy worked his way into so many of the photos!

Do you not love these colours! And they have artichokes in there too... original or what!

Inside the venue...more pretty pom poms! Recognize these from here?

and I just adore the flower jar centre pieces. 
Seriously, you guys are an amazing couple, there is no other like you and I wish you soooo much happiness, your wedding was magical and I'm so glad I got to share it with you!

Love Danielle 

Thursday, 24 March 2011

My week in photos

Hi hi, I'm travelling all day today so I thought I would share with you my week in photos snapped on my iPhone! Most are using the instagram app which I lurve! If you have an account lemme know so I can follow, I love insights into people's day to day! If you want to follow me, my name is CuriousKeyKinda obvious but hey!

I made lots of hearts

We climbed, played and were very brave on the balance beam!

I ate good foods!

We went to a few coffee shops

Learning to damn clever that kid!

And had some huuuuge homemade coffees too! 

Lovely! I'll make surety snap lots of pics while we are away so prepare for some image heavy posts next week!

Love Danielle

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

but I'll be back on Sunday! That's right guys, tomorrow morning we are leaving for Spain. 


My lovely bff is getting married on Saturday and I am a bridesmaid. I'm even doing a reading...I know, who has the paralysing fear of public speaking, yep, that's the one! Anyway, I'm so looking forward to getting out there and just soaking up the sun, eating beautiful (hopefully healthy) food and maybe havin a few drinks? I think I'm pretty much organised to go, although it has taken every ounce of my sanity to do so. I stress so much about travelling. Have I packed everything? Do we have enough clothes, money etc. Even down to have I booked the flights on the right day. Yep, that one is a biggie, I have an irrational fear of turning up at the airport to find I booked the wrong month or something like that. I have quadruple checked them though, and unless the calendar changes overnight, we're good to go! I hope you all have an absolutely glorious weekend! If I find some wifi, I'll do some posting too!

Love Danielle 

Sunday, 20 March 2011

The waking tired

I'm excited tonight cos I'm feeling really motivated to make pretty things, something I've not had the chance to feel much of lately. I'm pretty tired from early mornings and busy days but I can't let all this motivation go to waste, so the inside if my head looks like this right now!

Love Danielle

the sound of love

A few days ago, I wrote this post about watching Amelie for the first time. During the film I found myself continuously enchanted by the music and tonight I looked for the soundtrack. I am in Love. Music is a huge huge influence in my life, I have probably said it many times on here before but I'll say it again. If there were no more t.v it wouldn't make my life any worse, but if there were no music, it would wreck my life. There is nothing more inspiring, life changing or memory evoking than music and without it life would be a very sad place. So grab a drink, some crafting project, sit back and have a listen....i dare you not to be moved by this!

Love Danielle

Felt food fancies!

I am so hungry today!seriously I just wanna eat everything in stop myself from devouring the entire kitchen I thought I would browse through some of the cute cute felt food that keep seeing.

I am completely in awe of the creative people that come up with the designs. They are so good! I could really eat this. Yum yum yum.

Doughnuts!!! Calorie free krispy kreme anyone?

Super tasty looking cinnamon buns? I want a felt maple pecan danish now!

And a cute little felt dessert selection too. Perfection! I hope these haven't made you too hungry. I will be playing with felt for the foreseeable future!

Love Danielle

Friday, 18 March 2011

Closet Gleek...

Hi there....I have a confession...I am a Gleek. I didn't think I was then I happened upon a series one box set o lovefilm and now I am feeding my habit daily. I have a problem.

 I know I am totally late on jumping on the bandwagon with this one but that's usually how it goes with me. Plus, you get the blissful feeling of being able to overload yourself on whatever show everyone has been talking about but you have so far managed to miss out on! 

Seriously, I have lost afternoons over this! I love that I am still only half way through series one but I also have the panic of what happens if I finish series 2 before 3 is ready to come out...which is likely at the rate I'm going. I don't tend to watch any regular t.v shows....I personally thinks tv rots your mind and makes you not want to do things you really love. But every now and again, I get hooked on something.

My favourite character is Quinn...mostly because I adore all the cute cute dresses she wears! Simply lovely. I found this quinn inspired outfit whilst buzing round on the internet's so sweet. 


I saw a very pretty dress that would be Quinn-esque if ever I saw one. I'll have to save my pennies right! Does anyone else have a box set habit? If so, what's your guilty pleasure at the moment? Anything you can recommend for my next obsession!

Love Danielle

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Spring is coming!

Hello everyone! Even though the weather is not fantastic today, I have seen a glimmer of spring sunlight recently. I even went out with no coat the other day, I still wore my scarf...I'm not crazy! I am totally excited about clothes this spring! Bring on pretty dresses, wedge heels and florals!

I still absolutely adore mustard, this cardigan would be perfect!

Maybe this year I will dare to get my legs out? Some serious conditioning and tanning is in order!

Although I haven't quite mattered heels this high yet, I'm hopeful that a pair similar to these will be mine later in the summer! I am definitely loving that wedges are back too! Hurrah for comfortable feet!

Love Danielle

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Another blogging helper

Hi, Way back in December I posted a wish list of things I would love, most of which would contribute a lot to either my crafting or blogging. I have been super lucky so far and managed to tick quite a few off my list and today, I can cross off another. We invested in an IPad!

I have been looking at all the cases you can get for them and this one is by far my favourite. It's by Cath Kidston and it's so pretty! I don't think the mister would be as appreciative of it's Flowery glory though. I think this little beauty will have to be a late addition to the wish list! Anyone else use an IPad? Can you recommend any apps?

Love Danielle

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Finally, a plan is formulating

I have been thinking and thinking about Haydn's third birthday that's coming up in about 6 weeks. I was at a loss for some kind of theme or idea that he would love! Then I realised that he love love loves decorating, my idea at the moment is to have a tret table themed oncake for all right? These are some pretty ones that I found today.

Those cookies look so yummy. I love the idea of the little cupcake signs.


This just looks just's my idea of heaven.


I love elegance of this one and the colour are just magical! 

So have I made you hungry? I certainly am! Have a lovely evening.

Love Danielle

Saturday, 12 March 2011

weddings here weddings there...

weddings weddings everywhere! With several people I know and love getting married soon, it has completely pu my mind into wedding overdrive...I am planning my wedding as if I'm organising mine too...maybe one day soon? Anyway, I have a million bits of ideas floating round in my head...a red and turquoise colour theme...something to do with tea parties, cupcakes...obviously....handmade, favours. My head is quite simply over-flowing. So imagine my delight when I stumbled across this bridal shower tea party...

absolute perfection...really!

So elegant, so whimsical,

I'm in love with these place settings, bestill my heart!

So, I'm going to carry on dreaming about these for the rest of the evening, what are your plans?

Love Danielle

A new friend and some news

Hi all, please excuse the hit and miss posting recently I have had a few projects going on that I can't show you until they are given! That will be very soon though and I'm excited to share. Also, my little announcement... For a few months now I have been a member of slimming world and so far managed to lose 2 stone, I love the plan so much, I decided to apply to become a consultant and on Thursday I found out I've been accepted to open my own group!

I am beyond excited and can't wait to get started. My group will open in June! I will if course be carrying on the crafting, and here is my latest creation, baby popsie (as Haydn has named him)

I know he is pink but everyone assumed he was a guy, so he is!

What have you been doing?

Love Danielle