Friday, 4 March 2011

A step in the right direction

Hi there, I'm blogging from the immense comfort of my bed tonight! I am one sleepy girl! I had my first day in my new job at the shoe shop today. I walked a mile and a half before I even got there and then stood all day long and did the same mile and a half walk home. Bearing in mind this is the first all day job I have had in well over 3 years. I am now completely floored! I will be sleeping as soon as I finish this post. I did however just want to share with you these pics of some of the shoes I fell in love with today! This doesn't bode well for my wage packet!

Love love love, I would feel like dorothy!

Ribbon tie ups! I die!

and these are just gorgeous and so comfy...yes I tried them on! For now they are still in the shop, and I am falling asleep!

Goodnight blogland!
Love Danielle

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