Tuesday, 29 June 2010

curious keys


I am busy in preparation for my little ad going live on Thursday, trying to get as many products done as physically possible! I'm aiming for 50! Eek! I was already at 40 but I sold three lol... anyway, I'm hunting for resources tonight, I've given myself some money to spend and I'm very excited to spend it! I'm looking for old keys at the moment...i love them so much! Here are some lovely ones I've found.

This is VERY cute! Love the details.

Wow! Price tag on these is a bit scary though ($250+)

Mmm, such a lovely collection here!

Okay, so I'm off to search for materials and lovliness.

See you later

Love Missy

Sunday, 27 June 2010

sneak peeks!

I am so excited to share these little sneak peeks of my new products today. I think today has been one of my most productive of all time. 19 new products! Phew. I'm still itching to do more too! Here are some pictures of a few of my faves...They will be popping up on Etsy over the course of the night if you want to see more!

What do you think?

Love Missy

Friday, 25 June 2010

exciting times!

Hi all!
I've just been helping my mum to get ready for darrens party tomorrow! I have made a super potent punch and there is tons of BBQ food and a chocolate fountain with strawberries! Yummy, can't wait. After all the craziness of tomorrow I will be working so so hard to get lots of new products done for when my advert goes up on the 1st!

P.s still loving the hipstamatic app, like soooomuch!

Love Missy

Thursday, 24 June 2010

exciting news!

Hi guys! Had such a busy day again today, been updating my Etsy and making look all beautiful because.....guess what....I am going to advertise on my favourite ever blog... A Beautiful Mess. I can't even describe how excited I am to be able to see my little logo on that site. I can quite happily say that finding Elsie's blog completely inspired me to start my own, I look to her pretty much everyday for inspiration...you can't believe one person could have so much talent!

As I'm feeling pretty happy right now, I will leave you with some scummy pictures of cute cupcakes. Hopefully I will get to make some soon!!

I'm growing on the idea of a cupcake wedding cake! This one is sweet!

I really like the colour of these!

These just shout...love!!!

And I wanted to add these ones because I have a huge thing for cherries at the moment. I could do with some now actually...mmmmm reminds me of my childhood!

See you tomorrow!
Love Missy

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

happy birthday baby brother!

Good evening everyone! My little brother turned 18 today! He has grown up I can't believe it! We all went out for a really yummy dinner and are just on our way home with very full tummies!

Happy birthday Darren!! Love you! X


3 Lovely Boys

My mum and Darren!

Awww my mum and dad! So sweet

My two gorgeous boys!!

Hope everyone is having a super lovely evening too

Love Missy

Monday, 21 June 2010

playing nurse

Hi everyone, just a very quick little post to say I will be doing no crafting or proper blogging tonight because my litle boy is poorly sick. He has a mega temperature and a headache so he needs full time cuddles too!

Image is from here...purely for cute purposes!

See you tomorrow!
Love Missy

Sunday, 20 June 2010

A whole new view

So for those of you have been here before, you'll know what curiouskey used to look like. I'm so excited to share with you the new design I've put together. I hope you like it!

Happy Sunday!

Love Missy

Saturday, 19 June 2010

illustration inspiration

Hi, I was in need of some serious inspiration today, I felt totally drained and deserted by all creative energy. I had a little peek on the internet and found these super cute illustrations. They are so lovely, I need to get some original art for the new house...or maybe I need to take a few classes and do some myself.

This is so sweet, and even better it's on a moleskine! LOVE LOVE LOVEI really like the colours and style of drawing on this typewriter, I think if I were to do illustrations, it would end up in this style, not too serious and a bit fun!

I want to be in this garden!

And this is just lovely! I would like this on a canvas. Not sure where it would go though, hmmm.

Have a lovely evening, be creative!

Love Missy

Thursday, 17 June 2010

thrifty buys, oh how I love you!

Oh my gosh, I got totally carried away in two cute little shops the other day! I got so excited thinking about my new house that I wanted all these things for it. On the whole it all cost less than £18 so it was a total bargain! Have a looksee!

I got this in a whole set for £2...wow! It's so sweet, I love that it comes with a larger cake plate!

This lovely lace piece will be going in my kitchen I think!

As will this cream lunch tin...gorgeous! (the colour didn't show too well in these pics)

I have wanted one of these for soooo long, couldn't believe my luck at finding one!

More tea/coffee pots for my collection!

And this one makes 4! woohoo

This will look so pretty with a red carnation in it! (also a lovely cream colour to match the lunch tin)

And this was too lovely not to have. And this also matched the cream colour exactly...lucky or what!

I'm so happy with my purchases? What have you been buying recently?

Love Missy

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

love these so much

As, promised here are my little arigurumi friends, I can now show you Mr. Bat as my lovely friend Brooke has him now! I am waiting for an update on a name hehe!

What di you think of him? Cute or What!?!

And this darling little penguin has gone to wait for a new baby girl to arrive at another friends house. I hope he is happy there! Love him too! So sweet!

Just having a little cuddle before I wrapped him up and sent him on his way!
I havent finished my little skeleton bride and groom...Im having sizing issues at the moment, but as soon as they are done I will post them. I promise!

Night Night Friends!

Love Missy

Monday, 14 June 2010

anyone for tea?

I'm so excited to finally get my little mits on these beauties! I jar been eyeing them in the thrift shop for ages and finally bought them the other day! It's the beginning of my new collection of quirky tea/coffee pots!

How sweet! Maybe I can collect enough to have my own mad hatters tea party!

Love Missy

Sunday, 13 June 2010


I've been having a go at some more amigurumi creatures lately and I'm so excited to show them to you. I have a skeleton bride and groom which are nearly finished and a secret friend who i can't show you until after the 15th when one of my lovliest friends recieves him in the post for her birthday! For now though, here are a few I love and would like to try and make!

this bear and her dress are just so sweet!
who doesn't need his 'n' hers whales?

oh my...little acorns....in love!

If I can finish my little bride and groom by tomorrow I will definately post them and I am so excited to post the secret arigurumi, he is by far the cutest!

Night Night

Love Missy

Friday, 11 June 2010

new etsy products

I just had a little update and added 2 new products to Etsy. They are the Alice in Wonderland Necklace and the Scrapbook for those who don't Scrapbook. Here are some peeks.

To see the full listings please visit my shop!

I'm so very tired today, I have had a crazy week, my weekend looks to be similar so tonight I intend to do nothing but crochet and watch movies! What do you do to take time out?

Love Missy

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

50's style dresses

Oh my, I am literally drooling at the computer. I just came went onto modcloth...now I know why I havent been on there before. I want sooo many dresses!

soo pretty, the shape is so sweet!

such a gorgeous summery dress

I think this one is my favourite...

I love love love this colour
this is lovely too. I love the fabric.

I really wish I could make dresses! Back later with some cute finds!

Love Missy