All About Me


I thought I'd do a little about me page just incase anyone was 
wondering why I write about some of the stuff I do? 
For actual job seems like I just craft and do lots of 
fun basically is just that. 
I am an activities co-ordinator for a dementia unit. 
It sounds scary but is so much fun and so rewarding.

I love my job but it's not my 'dream' job. I want at some point to
have my own craft shop to sell my crafts and other people's 
products that I love and want to share with the world.

My little family consists of Me...obviously. 

My lovely, wonderful fiance Sharry. 

And our gorgeous son Haydn-Harvey who is literally 
my reason for living!

I love to look at beautiful things...and often get lost in doing so. 
I love photography, although I don't do it often enough. 
I like to read and get hooked pretty easily and most time finish a book in a day.

I am crazy obsessed with having a perfectly cute home although at present, 
we are all crashing at my mum and dad's house while we save for one! 
I daydream about houses...a lot and quite often blog about other 
peoples homes and design ideas.

I started blogging in Jamuary 2010 and have been hooked ever since, 
I am so thankful for every single person that reads and for those who 
leave me lovely comments, they literally brighten my day 
and make me smile!

I don't very often focus on one particular thing, I want to try 
everything....I have half learnt to crochet but am now also 
trying to learn to use my sewing machine...and also to make plushies 
and I'm learning about jewellery gets a tad confusing!

And just to finish, 15 things you may not know about me 
from one of my very first posts.

number one: i want a cupcakery & craft shop one day.

number two: i love owls.

number three: i wish i could draw better.

number four: i aspire to own my own business.

number five: i prefer unknown to well known.

number six: i have a constant inner monologue, i can't help it.

number seven: music hugely influences my mood.

number eight: i am idealistic & a perfectionist.

number nine: i love to look and collect.

number ten: i like bows...a lot.

number eleven: i want to live in a country cottage kitted out in Laura Ashley...mmmm.....

number twelve: i love dresses and want to wear them every single day.

number thirteen: i really like celtic music.

number fourteen: i heart notebooks, diaries and to-do lists

number fifteen: i believe in fairies, angels, magic and love
And that's about it for now!
Love, as always!!

p.s my real name is Danielle, the name Missy was given to me by 
my lovely Uni housemates Brooke and Genna and it's stuck ever since!


  1. update of this page is required...immeadiately! coming soon guys xxx

  2. JUST LUV UR PAGE, HAS GIVEN ME SOME IDEA'S !!!!!Cheers From Johnny Mildura Victoria Australia


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