Friday, 30 April 2010

cute finds

I have been out and about, scouring for lovely cute things to add to my various collections and I found these...

could this key be any more perfect for the curious key symbol. It is my favourite type of key in giant size! I'm looking forward to having this in my new house. It's a key hook...I might use it for necklaces though!

I got these tiny bottles from a car boot sale selling dolls house miniatures, I had to have them, I've wanted some like this for ages to make some Alice in wonderland style necklaces.

I also found some eensy weensy library books that I want to do something with also. I like super tiny or over huge at the moment! Lovely!

What inspires you today?

Love Missy

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

to do's for this week

I know it seems a bit odd to be starting a to do list for the week on a Tuesday but I just have to get it written somewhere or my mind will definately explode!

1. Finish all curious key stationery and get it sent to the printers! ** Very Important**
2. Finish new notelet project for the shop and send that off to the printers too.
3. Make lace flower necklace.
4. Make new Arigurumi (Ninja) character.
5. Make website entry page.
6. Make shawl clip
7. Make Pink Bead necklace.

Phew, I might be able to get to sleep now!

Happy Tuesday! Night night,

Love Missy

Sunday, 25 April 2010

cute cute cute village

I almost forgot, we went to this amazingly sweet village yesterday and it was literally chock full of charm! There were lots of thatched cottages, a tea shop and a rusticyet comfortb modern bar too. I was literally in my element. I love this cottage.

would you not just love to live here???

I really want a cupcake stand too, this one was in the village teashop. It wasn't for sale though :(

Nighty night, Im so sleepy after our busy day. Lots of project ideas though, so hopefully some updates soon!

Love Missy

lovely day

I had an absolutely magical day today with my boys. We went to Drayton Manor and just had such a good time taking my little boy on all the rides. He particularly loved Thomas Land! It was a gorgeous day too...just fabulous!

Happy Sunday!

Love Missy

Friday, 23 April 2010

dresses dresses

Eek! Here is ANOTHER post about gorgeous dresses. There are just sooo many pretty ones out there! These are all from this ultra cute shop!

I can't decide which is my favourite. Which is yours?

Love Missy

i neeeeeed this

I just came across this picture. OH MY GOODNESS!! I love it more than words. I need this when I get my new home! It's literally perfect....I'm just going to stare at it for a while.

Love Missy

(I'm sorry I don't know the original source of the pic. I wish I did!!! If you are the owner please contact me to update the link

Thursday, 22 April 2010

some new product updates

Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade

Just a few of the stuff I listed last night and today. Fingers crossed it goes ok. I guess it's all about getting my name out there now! Wish me luck!

Love Missy

open for business

Oh I'm so excited, I just listed my first 6 items on the Curious Key etsy. I have quite a few more products to list tomorrow, but I'm just so relieved to have it up and running finally! Here are some product peeks:

What do you think? Go take a little look-see for yourselves!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

headbands and a sneak peek

I love headbands at the moment, although I'm never quite sure if I could pull of some of the bigger more extravagant ones, but hey, I'll give em a try. Here are some gorgeous ones I've found recently...

These 3 beautiful samples were found here!

And as a little bedtime treat here is a sneak peek of one of my Etsy headbands which will be opening very soon! What do you think??

Night night lovelies!

Love Missy

howdy hilda

I have been dying to have a go at Aragurumi animals....since like forever, I now have 2 books with patterns to make! I really struggled with the illusive 'magic ring' for ages and finally thanks to the joys of youtube tutorials I can do it! Here is Hilda the Hamster, she is my first creation and I'm hoping to have some more to show soon.

Is she cute or what?!

These are the totally gorgeous books I have...I would recommend either to anyone either, even for beginners! They were both given to me by my lovely friends, Emma and Genna.

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

a little owl love

Hello hello! I've been a busy little bee over the last couple of days, been making a few little bits and pieces. My sister is going to model them all for me so I can FINALLY set up my Etsy, so very excited about that. Also, this blog will soon be moving to a new name, which I am still yet to announce! As soon as I have my stationery sorted I will do a little preview here. For now though, here is a peek at my new owl brooch. This one sits lovely on your jumper or as a badge or even on your hat. He just wants to be your friend!

Happy thoughts to you all.

Love Missy

Saturday, 10 April 2010

beautiful dresses

Another quick little post. This time all about gorgeous dresses. I LOVE dresses at the moment, I really try and wear one everyday. I kind of wish we could go back to where everyone wore dresses...even extravagant ones just for the day to day stuff. How pretty would we all feel?
Anyway, found these stunning dresses at The long one, I would love for my wedding dress! What do you think?

Love Missy

soooo beautiful, I can't even describe!

I heart layers!!


Hi Everyone, have some very exciting news today, my super cute baby sister has come home from uni for a while! I'm really looking forward to crafting with her and making pretty things. I'll post some pictures tomorrow. My car is poorly at the moment so I can't go to Leicester on my usual weekly trip so that is a bit of a dampner. Nevermind, I will see my Beau on Monday and until then I will craft with Laura Lou!

Happy Thoughts

Love Missy

Thursday, 8 April 2010

meet the owl of love

Ok, Im back. I did one piece of homework then got totally distracted by this little guy. He popped into my head and that was it. He has a sweet little pocket on the back to put a teeny tiny ickle note in so you can give him to a friend or loved one. I love him! Hope you do too!

So, I know I should go to bed now...but I just cant possibly. I'm very excitable a the moment!
Love Missy

tonight and inspiration music

Hello all, I am going to be spending a few hours doing my college coursework tonight, for those of you who don't know I am studying to be a nursery assistant and I have nearly nearly completed it. I have 5 weeks left out of the year so I am going to have lots to get completely perfect before my final hand in. So that's what I will be doing for most of the night tonight. Just thought I would post a little playlist of songs I LOVE and play while I am crafting at the moment!

Have a lovely evening, I'll pop back later if I can.
Love Missy

Music Playlist at

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

why do you let me stay here

I am soo in love with this video. I want to Zooey Deschanel's Hair, clothes and dance skills. She is just lovely lovely lovely! Not that I'm jelous much! I keep watching a mix of this video and In the Sun both by She & Him. It makes me smila all day long!

Love Missy

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Lovely afternoon

Happy Easter everyone! Had such a lovely day. We started out with an Easter egg hunt and then a trip to the local wildlife park where we literally stood 6 inches from 2 tigers! I could almost touch them if my hands were a teensy bit longer. After we had finished there we went to a riverside cafe/restaurant on the broads with a cute cute little play area for Haydn. We're now going to have a yummy roast dinner followed by scrumptious easter eggs and watching a dvd later. I will no doubt be crafting as well. I'll try and get a few pics of our day up later too.

Enjoy the rest of your Easter weekend.

Love Missy



Evening again! Time goes sooo quickly. Im very excited for tomorrow. Easter sunday is so much fun and this year I get to share our family tradition of an egg hunt with Haydn. I have got him a cute little basket and hid large and teensy eggs all over the house for him to find. I will get some pics tomorrow and try and post them here.

Love these colours (image source

Love Missy

Saturday, 3 April 2010

who loves a mini journal? i do i do!!

I just stumbled across this super cute mini journal. It's actually a kit and I would so love to have a go making one. I have a kind of a 'thing' for notebooks as it is but this....well it's just on another level! B.E.A.utiful.

Love Missy

Thursday, 1 April 2010


Hi! Just been making some more stuff to be photographed next month, I've almost finished another pixie hat, a scarflette and some more jewelry and I just made this cute hairband really quickly. What do you think?

Off to sleep now as it it 12.40 and I had no idea, early start tomorrow as well! Eek!

Love Missy