Thursday, 24 November 2011

Today was for....

Eating and looking at pretty things mostly!! I got to spend the morning with my little guy and dad in law and went for breakfast! Then I went to the sweetest town with my mum and looked in some of the prettiest shops I ever did see! I came out completely inspired for Christmas, my home and gifts to make! I'm going back tomorrow to take lots of snaps of these pretty places! Tomorrow when I go back though I will be taking my sketchbook, camera and the newest issue of Mollie Makes! 

This magazine magazine makes my month... the excitement of getting it through the post is just too much! If you haven't heard of it, then you need a! It's choc full of crafty ideas, CUTE homes and amazing places to visit! Such a good read, I wish it came out weekly I really do! My project list just from this magazine is getting immense...oh to find some spare time! 

So, we also had a walk to the beach, I do love living so close to the sea, its pretty tranquil although a tad windy today!

Then just to round off a pretty blissful day I lost another pound at my Slimming World group tonight and then went out to dinner with my man, his dad and my boy! 

So how was your day? I know many of you guys waaaaaay over there in the US are celebrating thanksgiving! So Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 

Love Danielle

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ta daa! I'm back!

Wow, after almost 6 months away from my blog I can officialy say I'm back! And I'm here to stay. I feel like a whole new person and am in a much better place to blog what with my shiny new time management skills! I can definately say I felt like part of me was missing without my blog! I have continued reading blogs this whole time, but there is something about writing your own that keeps you bubbling up with creative ideas!

Also I figured I needed to be back in blog world in time for my favourite time of year...Christmas!
 I've just started my Christmas craft projects (I have a hefty and mostly unrealistic list this year!) Have you started yours yet? What are you making? Feel free to link to your pictures! 

P.S I got new hair and my ickle boy got pretty big too!

I'm so glad to be back!
Love Danielle