Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Ta daa! I'm back!

Wow, after almost 6 months away from my blog I can officialy say I'm back! And I'm here to stay. I feel like a whole new person and am in a much better place to blog what with my shiny new time management skills! I can definately say I felt like part of me was missing without my blog! I have continued reading blogs this whole time, but there is something about writing your own that keeps you bubbling up with creative ideas!

Also I figured I needed to be back in blog world in time for my favourite time of year...Christmas!
 I've just started my Christmas craft projects (I have a hefty and mostly unrealistic list this year!) Have you started yours yet? What are you making? Feel free to link to your pictures! 

P.S I got new hair and my ickle boy got pretty big too!

I'm so glad to be back!
Love Danielle


  1. Danielle! It's so good to see you back! :) my Christmas to do list is pretty hefty too! But it'll be worth it, Christmas is the best time of year! 
    Amyxps. I love your new hair!


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