Tuesday, 31 August 2010

curiouser and curiouser

I really really want to watch the original Disney Alice in Wonderland! I've been watching the new one a fair bit recently...*ahem*...i like to get lost in fantasy worlds! But Im craving the magical wonderfullness that is the mome wraths, the sweepy dog and the glasses birds! 

Lewis Carroll had such an amazing imagination..

 I was lucky enough to recently come across this copy from 1932. It has all the beautiful original illustrations too! 

I may have to settle for reading this and go in hunt of a copy of the disney film tomorrow!

Here comes midnight and I've promised myslef to be in bed by then so off I go. Day off tomorrow so I shall be having fun times with Haydn and crafty time while he naps!

Night Night
Love Missy

Monday, 30 August 2010

thrifty finds

I promised to show you some of my new thrifty bargains the other day, so here they are! There is also a new coffee pot for the collection but it's in the car and it's too dark and scary to go get it! I'll show you tomorrow!

 A very beautiful detailed embroidery owl!

 A super cute quote plaque... I want to spray this a different colour...thoughts?

 Another really sweet embroidery that needs some TLC and a new frame!

 Oh the detail! I wish I could be this neat! ...and patient!
So what do you think... The whole lot cost £2 (about $3) bargain or what!
Love Missy

feeling like a whirlwind...

Hi friends,
Today has been one of those days where I feel like I haven't stopped for a minute and have accomplished a lot! Several items have been crossed off the long term to do list, yay! I have just completed 92 pages of photo journaling for work...oh my gosh that was tough! I'm so pleased because it looks fantastic. Here are some peeks, obviously for confidentiality I can't show any faces!

yummy yummy!!

I even got to be in this one...although as a rule...I never have full photos taken...let alone used!

Yesterday I went shopping...my favourite kind of shopping...for craft materials but this time I had a super secret project to in mind. I bought such beautiful things! I can't share this project yet as the lovely lady who it is for reads this blog! But as soon as I can I will share details and photos!!

I am going to be bed one super excited lady tonight!

Hope you are all feeling fabulous!

Love Missy

Saturday, 28 August 2010

hello friend...

Good evening lovelies,
Tonight I made a new owl friend, she's only little at about 7 inches high and made if brown cordouroy so she great to hug. Here she is

And here...

Now I just need a name for her! Any suggestions?

Love Missy

new ad and some new features

Good Morning!
I have decided to take out an ad with the lovely Melissa at Oh, My Darling and I thought I would share my ad design with you all. What do you think? IT will be appearing on the site in the very near future!

I hope you like it! I 'm pretty pleased with it! You may also notice some new tabs appearing at the top of my blog. I'm hoping to have a few with various new features so please check them out as and when they appear! (I'm so thankful for my man being computer genius and helping me to do this haha)

Coming later, my new thrifty buy and some GORGEOUS fabrics!!

Have a lovely day,
Love Missy

Thursday, 26 August 2010

lovely etsy pretties

Hello friends,

I'm sat my desk, supposed to be doing work (for my actual job :( hmm) but I thought i'd have a quick sneaky peek on Etsy...look what pretties I found in just a few minutes!!

I love this plushie elephant soo much! I think Haydn would love it too. He has become very attached to a sock monkey that was supposed to go up on my Etsy so now it's his and he has named it Mr. Popsie, so cute!

These owl prints are seriously sweet. I'm thinking craft studio? Or Haydn's room...or maybe my room lol.
Oh and last but not least, this fox caught my eye cos he has such a cheeky look in his eye. I don't even know where he would go...but anyway I would like him!!

Im going to bed now because Ive left it too late to do any work. Oops! Tomorrow?

Love Missy

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

a little time for me...

Hello, I was poorly yesterday so I spent the evening in bed with a few balls of wool a cup of tea and my new crochet blanket...needless to say I didn't get much crafting done! Today, I have been out and about working on the first goal from my 4 simple goals post here. I went and had my hair done with lovely highlight's...I missed being blonde. And I had some nails put on too to make me feel girly and pretty. what do you think?

I also enquired about having a tattoo designed...it's super early stages and I'm even sure if Ill have one at all. Just an idea but if I get a design I will post it here for opinions...it will be symbolising...my son, cuteness and handmade all in one!

Ok guys, I'm off out again for the rest of the afternoon.

Love you!

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

finger knitted fun

Hi hi!

I am mega excited to have learned a new skill tonight...finger knitting! I know I know... I am so slow jumping on the bandwagon and that everyone was doing this years ago from what I can see but what the Hell...I am excited.

I found a tutorial at on youtube and within minutes I was away! I have so far made about 8 ft in less than an hour. My pics soon but here is a cute pic I found with a different tutorial here

Afte I did this however, I totally indulged in a movie date with my man. we watched Eclipse...oh my goodness it was so good and we even shared some Ben and Jerry's! So now Im off to bed, pretending I dont have work all day tomorrow. I haven't even done my planning...eek! Naughty.

Goodnight everyone,
Love Missy

Sunday, 22 August 2010

A crochet blanket just for me... and apparently him!

Hi all, just realised I haven't posted about this yet! At the craftfair I was at the other Sunday I was lucky enough to snag myself a perfectly giant granny square blanket. I love it so much and only paid £2 for it! Omg how brilliant. Only problem is Haydn has taken a shine to it and now I have to share.

I don't mind tho, especially when he looks this cute in it!

He thought he was invisible under it!

It's so perfect for snuggling with, I think most of my family have had at least one snuggle moment with it!

Have you come across and bargains recently?

Love Missy

Saturday, 21 August 2010

etsy update

Good Evening lovelies!

I have spent lots of time today photographing and getting pictures ready to list on my Etsy I've listed the owls, the twiglets and some embroidery hoop pictures. I also have some more items to list tomorrow!

 I have also made a custom owl today so I have been kind of busy but kind of taking it easy and daydreaming...a lot!

What does your weekend entail?

Love Missy

Friday, 20 August 2010

Finally... A tote bag

Oh my goodness, that was a difficult one, purely because the sewing machine was not being my friend. It's still not perfect, the stitching is a bit loose, but all in all I'm really pleased and I have a new bag!

And yes... I used the flowery fabric again cos I love it so much!

What have you been doing today?

Happy Friday,
Love Missy

Thursday, 19 August 2010

cottage chic...in love

Hi guys! The tote bag is on its way...having an issue with the sewing machine being all loose on the back of the stiches! Anyone know how to fix this? Anyway, got ditracted by googling cottage chic for inspiration and smiles and I came across this blog.

My oh my...what beautiful images of cottage rooms, here are a few of my faves!

I love this! Those pictures are so lovely...bit too white for a two year old though!!

This kitchen is gorgeous! I love the wall decor and all the beautifully fitting ceramics.

I think I am swinging towards cottage with a modern twist like this one...it country but with a little character.

This is lovely...I love pink and green! reminds me of sweets!

Again, this is a little more modern...almost diner-esque but still with a country feel. I love it!

Now this...oh wow! What a kitchen! I would becoe a full time house wife and crafter if I had this kitchen...oh wait...thats actually my dream lol!

Ok, now I'm really excited and inspired...I'm going to go and try the tote bag again!

Love Loves,

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

my drawstring bag...

Hi hi hi all of you lovely people! Just want to throw in a quick thanks to everyone who comments on my blog, you make me really happy!

I tried the second class of Home Ec today, the drawstring bag. I was seriously intimidated by this project and thought it would be super hard but it wasn't! I finished it all in less time than the napkin lol!

Why do you think? This was all made from recycled fabric too so it was really cheap too!

Eek, I'm really excited to try the other projects now too!

Love Missy

Monday, 16 August 2010

ok class, settle down

Hi guys, tonight I tried my first class from Home Ec. It was cloth napkins! So I got all my stuff ready first!

Then I started to follow the instructions, I was a bit nervous invade I messed up my pretty fabric but once I got started it was ok. So after a few technical hitches and an hour and a half, I finished my first napkin!
Here it is...

I was so excited, my stitching isn't perfect but good for my first attempt!

I'm looking forward to the other projects soon!!

I'm tired now from concentrating so much lol so I'm off to bed!

Hopefully I will have a personal project to share with you soon, to do with my goals!

Love Missy

cute craft stall

Hi! Sorry I haven't blogged for the last 2 days, I have been soo busy getting things ready for a little craft stall I was having and getting some things ready to list on etsy. I did the stall yesterday and it looked like this,

Excuse the shadow of my head lol! It looked really cute but the wind was really stron an stuff kept moving so it was a job just to keep everything on the table!

It was a very owly themed stall i think lol!

The twiglets enjoyed having their own little tree!

We had a really fun day and best of all we raised lots of money for the home where I work!

Back soon with some etsy updates.

Love Missy

Thursday, 12 August 2010

4 simple goals (...before 2011)

Hi all, I'm having a bit of a life re-vamp at the moment so when I saw this post on Elsie's blog, it couldnt have come at a more perfect time.

1. To treat myself better. I really want to start looking after myself. i feel I have pushed myself aside whilst trying to care for everyone around me and do everything that I think I should be doing. I feel like its really taking its toll now, especially on my appearance. So a few small steps like making better food choices, take regular excercise (and I mean properly), drink lots of water, give up coffee and to take time each day to make myself look and feel good!

2. Learn to use my sewing machine. This has been an ambition of mine for a long time but something I've never got round to doing. Now though, I have taken up Home Ec with Rachel, Leigh Ann and Courtney and will learn with them1

3.  Document more. I spend a lot of time thinking and quite often come up with good ideas, but at the moment I don'y make enough records, a journal of some sort that can hold all information would be so useful to me as I forget stuff a lot. I will try and keep one up as much as possible.

4. To be more thrifty and green. I really want to put the phrase 'make do and mend' to good use. At the moment I spend too much especially on commercial things. I want to shop in chraity/thrift stores more, I want to recycle more and more importantly I want to re-use more. I have so much stuff just waiting to be turned into something beautiful and I want to make that happen.

Wow, this hs been really theraputic for me and it's helped me to feel way more organised and focused. I will hopefully update every now and again about y progress in theses four areas!

Love Missy

 p.s if you do it too, please leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can read them!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

a completely aMAZEing day

Hello friends, as you may have seen on my twitter earlier, I had an aMAZEing day, by which I mean I went off to play in a ginormous maze. I have always been a sucker for mazes but this one was divine.

Set in the middle of very tall cornfields we got hopelessly lost. It was great, Haydn loved it too!

It just went on as far as you could see!!
Anyway, that was my excitement for the day! We also did more owl making and there are a few friends to introduce.
Molly, Julian and Annabelle

They want to be your friends! Oh oh and I almost forgot, I made more shrinks and these were way more successful than the first batch!

Off to sleep now,
Night night
Love Missy

i'm a student

Hi hi! I'm really excitable today, I have signed up for Home Ec! I have been wanting to do an online class for AGES but they seemed a bit of a luxury to me (in these house deposit saving times) so when Home Ec came out I was so pleased because I NEED to learn to use a sewing machine properly and that is exactly what this class does!

I have been out and bought the materials for the first class which is:

Cute Napkins!

I can't wait to try these and show them here!

Is anyone else taking this class? It's open for another 4 days!!

Love Missy

Monday, 9 August 2010

i'd like to introduce....

Hi guys, oh my gosh I'm so excited to introduce these little ones to you!

Meet Delilah and her twiglets!

Are they not the cutest? I love them so! My sister made them and brought them for a little show and tell.

Delilah is the pretty mummy owl and the twiglets are her babies! Love love love! She is about 7 inches high and her twiglets are 2.5 inches. We have talked about listing them on etsy but I'm not sure I can part with them. I may have to purchase them myself. What do you guys think?

Love Missy