Monday, 16 August 2010

ok class, settle down

Hi guys, tonight I tried my first class from Home Ec. It was cloth napkins! So I got all my stuff ready first!

Then I started to follow the instructions, I was a bit nervous invade I messed up my pretty fabric but once I got started it was ok. So after a few technical hitches and an hour and a half, I finished my first napkin!
Here it is...

I was so excited, my stitching isn't perfect but good for my first attempt!

I'm looking forward to the other projects soon!!

I'm tired now from concentrating so much lol so I'm off to bed!

Hopefully I will have a personal project to share with you soon, to do with my goals!

Love Missy


  1. I like it!
    I blogged about my creations so far today.

  2. YAY! Congratulations! It looks great! :)

  3. Fantastic!! I look forward to seeing what else you create!!


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