Monday, 9 August 2010

i'd like to introduce....

Hi guys, oh my gosh I'm so excited to introduce these little ones to you!

Meet Delilah and her twiglets!

Are they not the cutest? I love them so! My sister made them and brought them for a little show and tell.

Delilah is the pretty mummy owl and the twiglets are her babies! Love love love! She is about 7 inches high and her twiglets are 2.5 inches. We have talked about listing them on etsy but I'm not sure I can part with them. I may have to purchase them myself. What do you guys think?

Love Missy


  1. I love them!!! So cute!!! I'm actually planning on making an owl plushie soon, too! These are lovely! Your sister did great! :)I adore Delilah's eyes!

  2. Delilah is adorable but the twiglets babies are to die for <3


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