Wednesday, 4 August 2010

i NEED to learn to knit

Wow wow wow....just look at these amazing projects by Amy Butler. I'm so totally in love with them. Especially the leg warmers. They are without doubt the cutest I have ever seen....ever!

These projects have been designed to compliment her range of yarns (she has her own range...fabulous!)

They are such pretty ideas though and different from the usual projects...that tbh sometimes look a bit old fashioned?

These coffee warmers are too cute aswell! So anyway...I need to learn to knit really fast so I can started on those leg warmers!!

Love Missy

p.s I got my shrinkles today, I'm so excited to use them!


  1. LOVING the extra long blue striped sweater!...I think I am going to have to learn how to knit as well!

  2. my mom has tried to teach me to knit multiple times and I just couldn't do it so hurry up and learn so I can just buy cute things from you :)

  3. Those legwarmers are GORGEOUS! All I can knit are scarves, and they manage to look awful! haha. xx


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