Thursday, 19 August 2010

cottage love

Hi guys! The tote bag is on its way...having an issue with the sewing machine being all loose on the back of the stiches! Anyone know how to fix this? Anyway, got ditracted by googling cottage chic for inspiration and smiles and I came across this blog.

My oh my...what beautiful images of cottage rooms, here are a few of my faves!

I love this! Those pictures are so lovely...bit too white for a two year old though!!

This kitchen is gorgeous! I love the wall decor and all the beautifully fitting ceramics.

I think I am swinging towards cottage with a modern twist like this country but with a little character.

This is lovely...I love pink and green! reminds me of sweets!

Again, this is a little more modern...almost diner-esque but still with a country feel. I love it!

Now this...oh wow! What a kitchen! I would becoe a full time house wife and crafter if I had this kitchen...oh wait...thats actually my dream lol!

Ok, now I'm really excited and inspired...I'm going to go and try the tote bag again!

Love Loves,

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  1. Such gorgeous homes!! I'd love a house like that!

    Eeep, hope you're machine's behaving itself now! Sometimes it's something really simple. Try replacing / rethreading your bobbin, or adjusting your stitch tension =) Sew on a bit of scrap fabric till you get it how you like!



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