Monday, 2 August 2010

a little rest and relaxation

So for the past day and a half I have been taking some time to relax and doing smaller craft projects. I'm going to have and early night tonight (well early for me anyway) and be fully prepared to get right back on it tomrrow as I just have tons of new project ideas. I'm so excited! As for the rest of tonight, this picture about sums it up...


Night night
Love Missy


  1. Rest and relaxation is good!! I have quite a few ideas kicking round my brain at the moment, but have run short on supplies, so I'm waiting for deliveries! xx

  2. Love this picture!!! I agree that rest is important. Otherwise you might get burned out. I had to take a couple of weeks not too long ago and try to work on less projects. I posted a lot of my pictures on my blog until I was ready to get back into it. Then I was off and running. :)


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