Tuesday, 24 August 2010

finger knitted fun

Hi hi!

I am mega excited to have learned a new skill tonight...finger knitting! I know I know... I am so slow jumping on the bandwagon and that everyone was doing this years ago from what I can see but what the Hell...I am excited.

I found a tutorial at on youtube and within minutes I was away! I have so far made about 8 ft in less than an hour. My pics soon but here is a cute pic I found with a different tutorial here

Afte I did this however, I totally indulged in a movie date with my man. we watched Eclipse...oh my goodness it was so good and we even shared some Ben and Jerry's! So now Im off to bed, pretending I dont have work all day tomorrow. I haven't even done my planning...eek! Naughty.

Goodnight everyone,
Love Missy

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