Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Beautiful post and some organisation!!

Oh today was such a fun post day for me! I bought some super cute stuff from eBay for my new scrapbook kits and I arrived home today just as they were being popped through my letter box! Imagine my surprise to find that they were packaged like this...

Could they be any cuter?! This totally made my day...the stuff inside was super amazing too. In fact I have used lots of it today in new kits.

I need to do a serious etsy update. I must have 40 new products to go up! Yikes, thts gonna be a time consuming project!

I figure it's about time to start getting organised, both in life and craft so I made myself a sweet little to do list...with an added treat to keep me going!

I'm mad on to do lists, do you use them or write them and then forget them. Sometimes I am a little bit of both.

A new beautiful talent coming up real soon guys!

Love Missy

Sunday, 28 November 2010

last one for tonight...honest

I know 3 posts in one evening is a bit obsessive but I have had lots of coffee and am a bit giddy! Anyway, today I made something I have wanted to do for ages! A mini scrapbook kit.

This one is vintage themed but I'd love to do tons more themes... Wedding, love, travel etc.

There is a Christmas one round here somewhere but i couldn't find it to photograph...I am so messy today!

Yes, this is my desk in it's current state. I'm not looking forward to tidying up. I can't be neat while I work... it blocks creativity...at least that's what I tell myself anyway!

Ok, goodnight!
Love Missy

Elena Kalis: Alice in Waterland

Hi! I have a beautiful inspiration post for you tonight...especially anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland.

These pictures are by underwater photographer Elena Kalis.

She has dons tons of amazing underwater photos but the Alice in Waterland are my favourites...they are completely magical! 

I can't decide if I prefer the ones that are more closely linked with the film and depict scenes...

or the more abstract ones. They are equally as brilliant. This is seriously super talent to get these images! 

And well done to the model (which I think is her daughter) ...just for doing it all underwater...I can't even open my eyes underwater, I'm such a wuss!

Actually, maybe this one is my favourite image? What do you think? What's your favourite?

Love Missy

p.s if you know of any fabulous photographer you think I should see, leave me a link. I'm always on the look out for beautiful inspiration!

a dose of cute

I have just seen this image over at A Beautiful Mess and I have to share...its absolutely the cutest owl pic I have ever seen!

It's just so small and sweet...and in a hat of course!
I defy anyone to not say awww!

Real post coming later...
Love Missy

Saturday, 27 November 2010

it's all coming together

Hi ladies! I apologise for the lack of posting yesterday. I had a super trying day and was just too tired last night! I did squeeze a few crafting minutes into my day yesterday though.

It was so festive, I even managed to treat myself to a Christmas cupcake. It had beautiful glitter and silver balls. It was like a winter wonderland. Magical!

The cut out I started turned out like this. I'm really happy with it, the picture is awful as I had already framed it before taking the picture. Oops!

Most of this evening I have done a little bit of packaging for a few items that need it.

I'm seriously excited to see what response I get to all the new stuff at the craft fayre next weekend!

What have you been doing today? Are you almost ready for December? It's approaching fast! Only a few days left!

Love Missy

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

and the winner is...

Time to announce the winner of my giveaway! I'd just like to say thanks to everyone that entered and became a follower (or are still following!!) I took the number of followers and comments which equaled 51 into random.org and here is what it came up with...

number 46 is our first commentor...Marci! You win these little lovlies...

Well done lady! Please email me your mailing address to danielle(at)curiouskey dot com

Thanks to everyone who entered and I promise I wont leave it so long until the next one!!!

Love Missy 

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

an evening off...

So I've completely slacked off tonight! I had 3 lovely ladies come to visit. We had a lovely time and ate cupcakes and truffles! Yum! I was completely going to get making pretty things when they had gone but accidentally watched sorority row instead. Not the most intelluctual movie ever made. I hate it when you don't mean to watch a movie but you just sit there and then you can't leave! Aargh anyway. I probably needed a break! I'll share the sweet tree treats I was making yesterday...

Just some little christmas tree decorations that you can use again bs again! Plus they have real chocolates in them!

Oh and don't forget tomorrow is your last chance to get your entries in for the giveaway! Good luck

Love Missy

Monday, 22 November 2010

chip chop cutting

Hi! I can't wait to show you what I've been up to. Well, actually I made this stuff last night. I was inspired by my last shrinky making attempt to create some more cut outs. I wasn't sure what I wanted them to look like. So I decided to do the designs freehand without drawing them first. It was just me and the knife! So first up...keeping it simple,

Then I got a bit braver, and went for more detail...

And then I just ran with it and got a bit more intricate,

I've now framed this one and will be putting it on my craft stall next weekend. I really want to do lots of these and get better at them. Only problem is my finger hurts sooo much from pressing on the knife! Ouchy!

Do you get this if you cut too much?? What do you do to stop it?

Love Missy

P.s the giveaway ends on Wednesday so get your comments in about 3 posts down for the chance to win!

house share: craft room

Yippee...my craft room is finito! I am so excited...I love all the rooms in our house but I think this is one is pretty special! I feel completely inspired in here and at home. Also, I now have a place for all my finished items rather than storing them in boxes! So, here goes...

This is the main work space. Everything i need is pretty much on hand and I have some cute inspiration right in front of me!

This is my other work space...although I kinda feel like I'm sat at a bar, but I can see out the window here and people watch! I managed to get the fabric embroidery hoops up too!

My 'mostly owl' themed shelf. You gotta love em! 

And of course, my Christmas shelf! I love the colours, makes me feel all festive!

My inspiration washing line is full of things I have been sent and some i have made. I'll try and do a closer picture and you can see if your stuff is up there, inspiring me everyday!

My pretty fabric place. I love to be able to see them all...otherwise I forget what's there!

A rare floorshot...it's almost never tidy down there! All my crafty/inspiration books live there!

And looking from the window seat... I hope you like it. I am soo pleased with it and love every second I have spent in here so far!
I will share my new crafting obsession later (or tomorrow as I just realised it's midnight almost)

Love Missy

p.s don't forget to enter the giveaway here!

Sunday, 21 November 2010

my mind has gone...

Oh my, I just watched inception and to my complete shock I understood it all the way through.

Yup, I understood it and could even get to the end in my head before it happened. My only problem now is I have been sucked into the..."how do we really know what's real" state of mind. It's almost as bad as the "the universe has no ending" thought. I don't get it and the more I try to understand or reason, the more my head hurts.

So, after all that I going to bed a very confused young lady.

Goodnight loves,
Love Missy

Friday, 19 November 2010

It's giveaway time again!

Evening lovelies! Hope you are all having a fun filled Friday.

This has been a long time coming I know and I apologise, but here are the prizes you can win!

Please excuse the horrendous lighting...i admit...i forgot to take these pics in actual daylight.

Here is a close up, as you can see you can win a twiglet, a zip flower brooch in festive greens and a pin cushion embroidery hoop picture all from my own hand-made collection. Plus...this ultra cute teacup badge I bought from Cherry Cherry when I visited recently. It's made by this lovely lady, go have a look at Jess's other stuff too. Tres cute!

And you might have noticed this litle guy too. He is an acrylic gingerbread man ring from Lisa Angel. Another sweet little boutique in Norwich...it is always stocked with the most magical and individual pieces. I had to buy one for you guys!!

I hope you like these prizes...now here's how to win one. Firstly become a follower of the Curious Key blog. For an additional entry please leave a comment on which item you would most win and whether you would treat a friend or keep it to yourself! (by the way..it's totally fine to say you would keep it for yourself..cos I would!)

Ok...so there it is! I will pick a winner at random on the 25th. Exactly one month until Christmas! And who knows, I might throw in a suprise if I'm feeling extra Christmassy!

Good luck!
Love Missy

Thursday, 18 November 2010

i heart you, internet!

Hello hello, I am back with real internet. I have spent all day just surfing around blogs and etsy and youtube just to reacquaint myself with it! It's like getting it for the first time all over again!

Wouldn't this, just be amazing...starbucks, ice cream and looking at all the beautiful goodies that etsy has to offer!

I haven't blogged the past couple of days because I have had food poisoning. Completely knocked me off my feet, but gladly I am all better now and back to my blogging, crafty mama self! On a more festive note, I can't believe it is only 37 days until Christmas. Eek! I have been making more little goodies for my craft stall, which is my first official one ever...on the 4th Dec. So the pressure is on to get all my stuff made, So many ideas and so little time, especially with losing the last 2 days!

Anyway, it's late again...as I have spent too long on youtube hehe!

Back tomorrow.
Love Missy

Monday, 15 November 2010

wreaths and rings and pretty things!

Hi! I have been in super work mode today and feel like I got quite a lot done! I did however take time out to go to my mums for a yummy roast dinner. It was so nice and just what I needed. I still haven't got rid of this stupid cold... I'm not a very good sick person, I feel like I am wasting time being ill. I think that about sleeping too but I guess we all have to sleep. So here's what I have been making today!

A pretty fabric scrap wreath! I saw a tutorial for this ages ago. If I can find it again I will link to it cos everyone should try this!

Some pretty button rings, sorry for the photo, the colours are way nicer in real life! My favourite is the little teal one, I might keep it for myself!

This wreath is made out of wool and would you have guessed... Glitter glue! I also made some little tree decorations for my works Christmas bazaar.

I decided to make some more Christmas pudding cushions as they have been pretty popular. So the fabric is ready and cut out and is waiting for me to sew it all up. It's too late for that tonight!

Love Missy

P.s just want to say thank you to marci for your super sweet comment yesterday. Made me smile all day! I am desperate to get back to commenting on all the blogs I read but my phone won't let me! Not long now til the real Internet! Yay!

To whoever keeps commenting regarding my spelling, if you don't like how my blog is written, spelling mistakes and all... No one is forcing you to read. And commenting anonymously? ....well, says it all really! No more thanks very much.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

a fifth of the way to 1000!

Oh my gosh, I can't believe this is my 200th post! I will be celebrating with a giveaway of little things I have either made or collected from cute stores I visited recently (paid for... not stolen hehe) I am going to wait until I have the real internet and not just rubbishy phone Internet to post that though. So be sure to check back around wedensday to enter!

This evening I have been on a quest to make all things christmassy. I made some super elaborate gift tags which I am donating to the residen fund at work and also some pretty Christmas bows. And Robyn the owl too.

I has to throw in a Christmas owl. I kind of hope he doesn't sell so I can keep him! I also used some if the watch mechanisms I found ages ago in necklaces!

They are so interesting, these two have moving parts. I think it makes them ultra special!

Anyway, I have a FULL day of making stuff and doing actual real work tomorrow so I am off to bed!

Love Missy

I need some shrinkie advice!

Morning! So, you remember the cut outs I showed last night? Well, they were cut out if shrinkie paper. I cooked them this morning and all in all I think they look rally cute.

BUT... I want to know how to keep them clean and white and also a but more straight? Any ideas?

I love how dinky this little guy came out, but he is really grey?

And this one is all wonky?

Eek, help please... Amy, I'm looking to you on this :)

Love Missy

Friday, 12 November 2010

tonights creations

Evening all! Had a lovely surprise today, my bestie Emma came to see me with her soon to be husband Hugo! Was lovely to see them. Unfortunately, it's an occasion that doesn't happen as often as we would like as we live on opposite sides of the country! Nevermind, it's so nice to see them! (I must remember to get a picture of them...Em... When you read this, remember I need a pic of you!)

This evening has been pretty chilled out due to me having a yukky cold, I have however been busily making. I made quite a few of these

So pretty, I have an order to be done by tomorrow! I have also been experimenting with a cute little idea. This is part one:

Part two or what happens next will be tomorrow, who knows if it will be successful? I really really hope it is!

What are your best home remedies for colds? I'm up for almost anything as I am rubbish at being ill!

Love Missy

Thursday, 11 November 2010

house share: kitchen

Hello lovelies, how are you guys doing? In excited today...like really excited. I have big big plans for the future and thinking about them has got me all focused. I get the Internet in one week. I can't tell you how good that will be. No more trying to do everything from my phone... It's actually quite annoying after a while!

Anyway, here are the pictures of my curiously cute kitchen!

I have gone for a kinda pink cupcake theme for the kitchen but I think it's still kinda manly because of all the black surfaces!

I love my mix it up sign. It's one of my favourite pieces in the kitchen. I'm keeping a lookout for some more that are similar.

I'm all about the spice and oils at the moment too. I want to cook properly much more often. I think it's important to feed your brain good foods as it's pretty important for coming up with all my crafty ideas.

And I had to squeeze in the egg cup cosies, although they haven't been used as yet! Soon soon!

So there's my little kitchen, I'm still waiting on some shelves to get my tea/coffee pot collection on the walls and also a really cute rail which will hold my cupcake cups on little hooks.

Do you have any house peeks you want to share? I'd love to see! Leave a link or email me!

Love Missy