Saturday, 13 November 2010

I need some shrinkie advice!

Morning! So, you remember the cut outs I showed last night? Well, they were cut out if shrinkie paper. I cooked them this morning and all in all I think they look rally cute.

BUT... I want to know how to keep them clean and white and also a but more straight? Any ideas?

I love how dinky this little guy came out, but he is really grey?

And this one is all wonky?

Eek, help please... Amy, I'm looking to you on this :)

Love Missy

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  1. Woowww! They're adorable...

    Right... advice-wise... I'm not quite sure why the little owl fellow is grey... that's happened to a couple of mine before, but I've never really figured out why! Maybe the oven was a bit too hot? Not sure...

    If they're not sitting flat, as soon as you take them out of the oven, put a saucepan or chopping board or something on them, to press them flat. But wonkiness-wise, all I can suggest really is try changing the temperature of the oven... maybe test with some scraps?

    I've done a bit of googling, try looking at the FAQ tab on this site... it might be of use?!

    Sorry my advice isn't actually that useful! Haha <3 xxx


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