Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Beautiful post and some organisation!!

Oh today was such a fun post day for me! I bought some super cute stuff from eBay for my new scrapbook kits and I arrived home today just as they were being popped through my letter box! Imagine my surprise to find that they were packaged like this...

Could they be any cuter?! This totally made my day...the stuff inside was super amazing too. In fact I have used lots of it today in new kits.

I need to do a serious etsy update. I must have 40 new products to go up! Yikes, thts gonna be a time consuming project!

I figure it's about time to start getting organised, both in life and craft so I made myself a sweet little to do list...with an added treat to keep me going!

I'm mad on to do lists, do you use them or write them and then forget them. Sometimes I am a little bit of both.

A new beautiful talent coming up real soon guys!

Love Missy

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