Thursday, 4 November 2010

neck style...

Good evening lovelies! I just watched paranormal activity 2. Oh My Gosh! It was soo scary! I was shaking all the way through. I am super scared by these films and yet I insist on watching them cos I love to watch them! Go figure lol? In order to calm myself down I decided to drool over some beautiful crochet necklaces. I so want to make one. I just need to improve my crochet techniques first I think!

This is soo lovely. I would t even know where to begin. The colours are magical and it looks so snug!

This one is much more delicate and I would totally wear this. Beautiful!

Iid love to have one of these. I don't know where I would wear it but id love to have it anyway!

Aren't they just so pretty! I want I want I want!!

Hopefully I'll have more Christmas craft to share tomorrow!

Love Missy

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