Friday, 19 November 2010

It's giveaway time again!

Evening lovelies! Hope you are all having a fun filled Friday.

This has been a long time coming I know and I apologise, but here are the prizes you can win!

Please excuse the horrendous lighting...i admit...i forgot to take these pics in actual daylight.

Here is a close up, as you can see you can win a twiglet, a zip flower brooch in festive greens and a pin cushion embroidery hoop picture all from my own hand-made collection. Plus...this ultra cute teacup badge I bought from Cherry Cherry when I visited recently. It's made by this lovely lady, go have a look at Jess's other stuff too. Tres cute!

And you might have noticed this litle guy too. He is an acrylic gingerbread man ring from Lisa Angel. Another sweet little boutique in is always stocked with the most magical and individual pieces. I had to buy one for you guys!!

I hope you like these here's how to win one. Firstly become a follower of the Curious Key blog. For an additional entry please leave a comment on which item you would most win and whether you would treat a friend or keep it to yourself! (by the's totally fine to say you would keep it for yourself..cos I would!) there it is! I will pick a winner at random on the 25th. Exactly one month until Christmas! And who knows, I might throw in a suprise if I'm feeling extra Christmassy!

Good luck!
Love Missy


  1. EEKS!! So wonderful! I love all of it but I think my favorites are the owl and the cute embroidery hoop picture! I would love to keep it all to myself but I might be willing to share something with a friend. ;)

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  3. sorry about that first post, i posted it before i was finished!
    everything looks so lovely, especially the little owl and embroidery hoop! i think i would keep some of it for myself and maaaybe share some with a friend ;) i know someone who would love the little owl!

  4. I LOVE the Gingerbread man ring love it and I love the zipper flower amazing. possibly would keep the items cause they are FABULOUS but just might share with my friend/neighbor/boss she has been amazing to me the last few months and I would want to give her something fabulous!

  5. Howdy best friend..I look at your blog everyday so i thought I might aswell 'follow' you and make a comment.. I like the Flower Zipper, the twiglet and the red bow the best and whoever wins is lucky to have something that is handmade by you!!

    I love all your things and plan to come round yours at christmas for some mulled wine so you can teach me how to make things..

    Lots of Love xxx

  6. Hi, I followed you from thanks so much for telling me about your great give away, my favorite thing!! I am a new follower on GFC as Tracy Taylor :)

  7. I believe the twiglet is the lovely owl? if so that is what I would love to win (though they are all lovely) if I won I would give it to my oldest daughter in her stocking, as she is very owl like -I mean that in the nicest way :)

  8. These are all awesome little goodies, but my favorite is the zipper flower brooch! I would definitely give it to my mom since she's crazy for brooches, and it would be easy for me to borrow :)


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