Sunday, 28 November 2010

Elena Kalis: Alice in Waterland

Hi! I have a beautiful inspiration post for you tonight...especially anyone who loves Alice in Wonderland.

These pictures are by underwater photographer Elena Kalis.

She has dons tons of amazing underwater photos but the Alice in Waterland are my favourites...they are completely magical! 

I can't decide if I prefer the ones that are more closely linked with the film and depict scenes...

or the more abstract ones. They are equally as brilliant. This is seriously super talent to get these images! 

And well done to the model (which I think is her daughter) ...just for doing it all underwater...I can't even open my eyes underwater, I'm such a wuss!

Actually, maybe this one is my favourite image? What do you think? What's your favourite?

Love Missy

p.s if you know of any fabulous photographer you think I should see, leave me a link. I'm always on the look out for beautiful inspiration!

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