Monday, 15 November 2010

wreaths and rings and pretty things!

Hi! I have been in super work mode today and feel like I got quite a lot done! I did however take time out to go to my mums for a yummy roast dinner. It was so nice and just what I needed. I still haven't got rid of this stupid cold... I'm not a very good sick person, I feel like I am wasting time being ill. I think that about sleeping too but I guess we all have to sleep. So here's what I have been making today!

A pretty fabric scrap wreath! I saw a tutorial for this ages ago. If I can find it again I will link to it cos everyone should try this!

Some pretty button rings, sorry for the photo, the colours are way nicer in real life! My favourite is the little teal one, I might keep it for myself!

This wreath is made out of wool and would you have guessed... Glitter glue! I also made some little tree decorations for my works Christmas bazaar.

I decided to make some more Christmas pudding cushions as they have been pretty popular. So the fabric is ready and cut out and is waiting for me to sew it all up. It's too late for that tonight!

Love Missy

P.s just want to say thank you to marci for your super sweet comment yesterday. Made me smile all day! I am desperate to get back to commenting on all the blogs I read but my phone won't let me! Not long now til the real Internet! Yay!

To whoever keeps commenting regarding my spelling, if you don't like how my blog is written, spelling mistakes and all... No one is forcing you to read. And commenting anonymously? ....well, says it all really! No more thanks very much.


  1. All these pretty creations, and all someone can comment on is your spelling?! Jeeeez. ♥

  2. such fun and festive things love the wreath


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