Monday, 22 November 2010

house share: craft room craft room is finito! I am so excited...I love all the rooms in our house but I think this is one is pretty special! I feel completely inspired in here and at home. Also, I now have a place for all my finished items rather than storing them in boxes! So, here goes...

This is the main work space. Everything i need is pretty much on hand and I have some cute inspiration right in front of me!

This is my other work space...although I kinda feel like I'm sat at a bar, but I can see out the window here and people watch! I managed to get the fabric embroidery hoops up too!

My 'mostly owl' themed shelf. You gotta love em! 

And of course, my Christmas shelf! I love the colours, makes me feel all festive!

My inspiration washing line is full of things I have been sent and some i have made. I'll try and do a closer picture and you can see if your stuff is up there, inspiring me everyday!

My pretty fabric place. I love to be able to see them all...otherwise I forget what's there!

A rare's almost never tidy down there! All my crafty/inspiration books live there!

And looking from the window seat... I hope you like it. I am soo pleased with it and love every second I have spent in here so far!
I will share my new crafting obsession later (or tomorrow as I just realised it's midnight almost)

Love Missy

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  1. If only I had a craft room!

  2. Hey Missy,

    I must say your craft room looks much more organized than mine... I will be taking some tips from your pics!

    Thanks for Sharing!


  3. love at all your amazing plush owls! they are soo adorable! so so talented!


  4. I love your space, lucky girl!


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