Friday, 31 December 2010

2011 just happened!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you are all hacing an absolutely beautiful new years eve! I have spent mine with my sister and we have laughed so much tonight! We've also made some new pretties and I had a go at porcelain painting...fancy! I have so many new things to show you, I can't wait. For now though, I'd like to share my Happy New Years Resolutions. I've decided to call them this because if I can stick to them I think I will be super happy.

What are your resolutions? Have you made any and if so, will you stick to them? While I ponder mine, I'm settling down to this... perfection. A homemade skinny caramel latte. Oh My Gosh....I die!

I hope your 2011 is magical!


Thursday, 30 December 2010

the new year is almost here!

Hi guys, this post was supposed to be for yesterday but I had a poorly boy so, was looking after him for the most part. Also, my other boy has gone away! He has gone to the Isle of man to visit his family for New Year. I already miss him and want him to come back soon, in the meantime I have had my sister staying with me for a few days. We have been making cute handmade things in the evenings and having so much fun. I love having her here. Ill show you what we have been making very soon! It's exciting! For now though, I want to share a few things that have been making my life magical since Santa brought them for me!

My new kitchen addition! A beautiful, marvellous coffee machine that makes the best tasting coffee, ever. (I also got some caramel syrup so I can have my own personal starbucks at home)

My new addition to my craft room! I have already been stitching away on this and have some super pretty items to show you!

How lucky am I?? I got a gorgeous new sewing box, pin cushions, sketchbooks and the lovely Elsie scrapbook I wanted. I also got some art prints and the most beautiful plates I have ever seen. I will blog about those over the coming days as I want to get some really good pictures of them all.

How are you all getting along with deciding your new years resolutions? Are you making any this year? I'll share mine soon! 

Love Danielle

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

wow, hello there!

Hi! I'm blogging today in a post Christmas haze of food, drink, excitement, smiles and presents! I had an absolutely wonderful Christmas, I got spoilt rotten and ate for 6! I'll share some of my gifts from Santa tomorrow because I'm very excited about them. I cooked my first ever Christmas dinner and it was really good. I made rather too much food but no one minded! My sister stayed over last night too and we had a little crafting session, we made pin cushions! I'll share these tomorrow too. Oh, and I found another Christmas movie that I love. I can't believe I forgot about it actually as it's one of my all time favourites.

The Nutcracker Prince

It's completely magical and makes me so happy! I love the music in it too. Have you heard of this film? Lots of people haven't but I can completely recemmend it!

It's all that Christmas should be, in a good old fashioned way!

Back tomorrow with present peeks. Hope you are all enjoying your holidays!

Love Danielle 

Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Are you ready? Is everything prepared or are you doing some late night finishing touches? I just spent the last few hours getting stuff ready for my Haydn. He is so excited! I now feel completely ready! Presents are out and set up!

Dinner is prepared and chopped (I have made food for about 60 rather than 6) Chocolate treats are out and of course we left the mince pie, carrot and glass of milk for Santa. I've always loved Christmas but now Haydn is old enough to understand what's going on, it's even better. I can't even begin to explain how amazing it is to create all that beautiful magic that I had growing up.

I cannot wait to see his face! We even put magic dust and snowy footprints out! Yay!

I'm also cooking my first ever Christmas dinner too. Wish me luck!

I hope you and your families have an absolutely amazing Christmas and I will be back on Sunday.

Love Danielle 

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve

Yes, I am that excited! I don't know what it is about Christmas but it gets me all giddy! As a child Christmas Eve was the longest night in history...I would wake up like 15 times a night, completely disheartened that it was only 30 minutes since I last woke up and checked the time! I have never grown out of this. Even at the age of 23 I would still wake up at 5am (the earliest time everyone else would allow me to get up, although I do remember a 4.30 once) I'd sneak into my brother and sisters rooms and flick their lights on and off to wake them up and then dash back to bed and pretend they had woken up first *cringe*

So now, I have an (almost) three year old, who I am proud to say has inherited my insane excitement and we are both awaiting Christmas like it can't come quick enough!

I was talking with my sister today...(inbetween singing Disney songs at FULL volume) about Christmas films. Here are a few I would love to see this festive season!

5. The Nightmare before Christmas. I just love the music! I'm a sucker for musicals.

4. Muppets Christmas Carol. A Christmas Staple, just magical!

3. Home Alone. I have watched this since I was little...again I love the music and of course the traps!

2. Elf. So. Much. Laughing. I love this, especially as it has the lovely Zooey Deschanel in it!

1. Santa Claus the Movie. I hope everyone has seen's a must. So much magic and Christmas Spirit!

I will be making time to watch It's a wonderful life this year too. I have never seen it, have you? I feel like I should have watched this years ago! I'm excited!

What's on your list, any recommendations?

Love Danielle

Monday, 20 December 2010

Congratulations Emma and Hugo!

Oh my gosh, my best friend got married today! It was so beautiful, I'm so excited for them. Emma looked like an absolute angel, seriously. I will be posting some wedding photos very soon but for now, here is what we spent hours making last night for the reception!

Giant paper pom poms! And they looked fantastic!

Congratulations guys!

Love Danielle

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

a sale and a biscuit!

Hi guys, things are pretty busy Etsy sale (yippee) so things to make and pack, a poorly fiance (self inflicted work party hangover I might add) and I have a VERY excited toddler who asks me at least 12 times a day, if Santa is coming yet. He even offered to eat all the chocolates in his advent calendar as that would mean he would come tonight...I love how kids think! The truth is that I am the same. I adore Christmas, I think it is the most magical time of year, I get to spoil those I love and see their faces when they open the gifts I have chosen for them. I feel truly lucky at this time of year to have such a close-knit, kind and loving family and such beautiful wonderful friends. I have to admit though, I will be the first one up Christmas morning...yes, even before Haydn. I always am, the excitement gets to me and i end up feeling sick. That's always cured by present opening and chocolate! I seriously can't wait.

Yesterday was Haydn's last day at Nursery until the New Year too. He came home with a bag full of goodies, cards, presents, pictures etc and a cute snowman biscuit that he made himself. I managed to grab a quick pic of this one before it got swallowed up! Tomorrow I think we are gonna make some mince pies. So much fun. 

Hope you are all having a fun weekend! 

Love Danielle

Friday, 17 December 2010

Crushing On: Mustard

No, not the food...I can't stand the stuff. I mean the beautiful colour, in all its creamy grainy goodness! I had a beautiful mustard coat last winter, but unfortunately I shrank it in the washing machine and so my (decidedly smaller) sister inherited it! Lucky girl. So anyway, these are just a few mustard lovelies that I have been looking at all week.

Let's start with this dress, originally found here, on the Shoeper Woman blog. I would kill for this dress! I absolutely love that it has sleeves too! So many dresses these days have little or no sleeves. I need sleeves, it's winter!

Mmmm shoes...I needn't even say anything about these want them don't you? Me too! I love the lace up too. 

These D.I.Y bracelets, found here but is originally from the At Second Street blog. These started out as a bag...some serious talent going on over there. 

And tights, one of the reasons I find winter bearable...I just adore wooly tights and boots. These ones are spectacularly eye-catching. LOVE! They are bought at H&M but featured here.

And finally, one of the many items on my shopping list for tomorrow, mustard yarn...sigh.

Those are just a few things that are rocking my world this week!

Night loves! Love Danielle xxx

Thursday, 16 December 2010

an overly indulgant wish list

Hello lovlies, today I have been doing some indulgent window shopping(online) and I have comiled a list of 10 things I would love to have but are either very expensive or very non-essential.  

First up is a Jo Totes camera bag. This is going to be on so many people's wish list's this year! SO beautiful and still completely functional. I can just imagine packing it full of my sketchbooks, cameras and favourite pens. I said I would never have one of these...until we borrowed one or the weekend! They are just so handy...especially for reading all my favourite blogs!

Ooh..another techy toy Who knew I would be such a gadget girl huh? I blame my man! I would love love love one of these to take pretty pictures with. I'd also like to take a course to get to know how to work it properly, rather than just pointing and shooting.

My own little coffee machine... my own personal starbucks. Dream. Come. True!

I really want this book! As you know I am a huge Elsie fan and have heard such fantastic reviews about this book. I want to do some more just for fun, creative projects to find my niche and stretch my creativity. 

I'd love a little sewing machine of my very customise, love and make pretties with!

Wow, I'm feeling all wished out, what would you wish for? Don't worry, we won't judge!

Love Danielle

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

coming back around

Hello there, I have an interesting little share today. I was flicking through an old copy of Ideal Home today (and by old I mean 1987!) and found this picture of a country cottage kitchen.

Now, forgive me if I'm wrong but doesn't this look like it could pretty much come out of today's Ideal home? If I woke up one day and found that this was my kitchen...I'd be ecstatic! Yes, there are a few things I may change and some additions I might make but all in all, it's a very pretty kitchen. I'm fully understanding that truly beautiful styles do keep coming round. Who would have guessed my ideal kitchen was around when I was 2! I'm on the lookout for more vintage magazines, I'd love to have some from the fifties. 
What is your inspiration era? I'm still deciding on mine!

Love Danielle

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

25 before 26 Re-Cap

Hey! It was pretty much this time last year that I started reading blogs. One of the first ones I stumbled upon was Elsie's, a beautiful mess. Totally hooked ever since! She inspired me from the word go with this little project she was doing called 27 before 28.  It's basically a of things she wanted to accomplish before she was 28. I thought it was a fantastic idea and began a new sketchbook with this as my front page.

My goals for the year were:

1. Open an Etsy Store: I did this, you can visit Curious Key here
2. Learn to use a sewing machine: I took Rachel Denbow's class and have a good start on this one!
3. Learn to Crochet: Yep I did this, you can see some of my projects here.
4. Try long hair: I went Curly instead and I love it!
5. Start a blog: I think this one speaks for itself!
6. Have a handmade year: I have made tons and tried to buy handmade where possible.
7. Create a toy collection: There are the owls, but it's not what I had in be continued.
8.Write a children's book: I have started this, but it keeps getting put aside...I will carry on though.
9. Take more photos: definately completed this iphone alone has 2.373 pictures!
10. Improve handwriting: I have never liked my writing, until now I tried cursive...lovely
11. Be a size 12: Ok, I didnt get this one, but I'm on the way.
12. Create Curious Key: my idea here was to create a brand, its only young but it's there
13. Look for inspiration every day: My eyes are definately open wider than they have ever been. (not literally!)
14. See my lovlies in Bristol: I'm so glad I got the chance to do this, again soon please?
15. Make a notebook range: I have to admit I got nowhere with this's still a dream though.
16. Create accessories: Yes, I did this...but I want to make newer, cuter and prettier ones!
17. Go to London: I didn't make this one, hopefully in the New Year.

18. Set a date: wow, no luck here either...although I have begun to scrapbook ideas! Shh...
19. Walk more: admitting slight laziness on this one...doing better over the last month
20. Make a pattern for cup cozies: I'm still learning to crochet...not up to pattern making yet!
21. Be blonde: Yes I went back to having happy hair! Love.
22. Try sugarcraft: I made lots of cupcakes, does that count?
23. Get a tattoo: hmm...not sure if I still want to do this one...maybe if I found the perfect image?
24. Make creepy crochet creatures: I made 2... not quite the 21 I was hoping for but still!
25. Make time to paint: I still want to do this so bad but I think I need to spend more time with a sketchbook first to find my comfortable style.

So, my birthday is in less than a month and I have a few ideas for what is going on my 26 before 27 list. Will you do one of these? What's going to be on yours? 

Love Danielle

Monday, 13 December 2010

monday morning motivation

Hi, this is the first of one of my new features that I hope will become regular and will look forward to writing. Monday mornings can be difficult. Fact. Even if you're not starting a week of work, there is just something about Mondays, so I thought I would share a little of what is making me completely inspired and excited for the week ahead! So before you sit down to whatever you need to do today, grab a coffee and take 5 minutes to just relax.

This week it's 'my dreams'

At the moment, I am positively bursting with ideas about someday opening my dream shop. I have huge hopes and wild ambition and simply thinking about it makes me giddy! I have started a new focused journal which I will share peeks of here and there about how I want my shop to look, feel and it's ethos. I am pretty aware of my demographic and am always thinking of how to be original and not just another craft shop. 

 So that's what's gonna keep me smiling today and knowing that everything I do will be a step in the right direction. Go positive thinking huh?! 

What's going to make your week?

Love Danielle

Sunday, 12 December 2010

my dorkiness just hit an all time high...

Hey everyone. I thought I would share a super dorky moment I had today...all in the aid of notebooks. Many many of you know I am obsessed with notebooks, diaries and journals of all kinds. However, I have been searching for the exact right brand that suits my style perfectly and yesterday I found it!

It was a notebook I have had for about 6 months and not used yet (a familiar story, as I can't stop buying them) It was perfect sized to fit in my bag, could take my favourite inky pens without going through the page and was lovely and thick too. Best of all it was super cheap and from a big brand supermarket nearby! I went out today to go stockpile some more and to my absolute horror...they didn't have any!


Yup, I'm ashamed to say that I hassled the guy that worked there to go search in back and anywhere they might be, but to no avail. This evening, I searched online. The shops website and even Ebay! Then, I posted this on facebook... 

"this is a (sorta) desparate cry for anyone who lives near an asda (not the great yarmouth one though!) I need your help!"

Oh yes, I was asking people across the country to help me track down these notebooks...I hit new levels of dorkiness. I have since calmed down a little... and will wait until tomorrow to call local stores!


Have you done anything that embarrassing? Do tell, i'd love to know that I am not alone!

Love Danielle

happy birthday mum!

Today is my mum's birthday...I won't share how old as I don't think she would forgive me! But its a big one today! 

We spoiled her today as she deserves and had a lovely dinner... although I wish my little sister could have been there too...(I get to see her in a week though!) 

Ever beautiful and ever fabulous, she is my inspiration as a mum myself and I just want to say Happy Bithday.
Love You Mum!

Love Danielle

all shook up...

Hi, I have had such an exciting day today. I have learnt a lot (details to follow soon) and soul searched a lot too. In an effort to make even my wildest dreams a reality I am gonna shake things up around here. Over the next few weeks you will probably notice some changes here on Curious Key...some will be subtle (you might not even notice them) and some will be obvious. But, I am hoping that all the changes will make for a better place to come, sit down, take a few minutes and relax. 


My head is full of plans, hopes and dreams and I will be working furiously into the night, trying to get them all on paper before they disappear. 

I hope you like all the changes that are to come. The first one that you may notice is I am changing the name I use to sign off my posts. I will use my real name from now on. I feel that Missy is a personal nickname between a few close friends and that it doesn't represent me or my blog properly. 

So hi, from your new (but same) blog host Danielle! I hope you will love all the changes that are on the way.

Love Danielle

Saturday, 11 December 2010

We are on Bloglovin!

Hi lovelies, I will be back very very soon with a real post but just want to let you know that I am now on Bloglovin, if you would like to follow me over there, please click on the link below.

Love Danielle

Thursday, 9 December 2010

christmas has arrived!

Good evening! Or should I say morning... As it is 1.30am. I have been a busy bee today and am well and truly in the Christmas spirit now! I complied a new playlist on Spotify full of Christmas songs...all the oldies. LOVE IT! I also finished decorating!

Nothing too fancy, but God I feel festive now! I feel like I've spent a week making paper chains, but it's worth it!

I have also been sat up with plenty of coffee, and my sketchbooks, making notes and to do lists (another of my favourite pastimes!) I watched failure to launch too. I didn't realise Zooey Deschanel was in it! I love her...her characters are always so cute and quirky. What an icon.

Ok so that's me done for today. I'm not looking forward to getting up early but on the plus side, I get to make mince pies at work!

Love Missy

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I'd like to introduce...

Hi guys, so, I went to a craft fayre today and let's just say, it was a tad quiet! I made enough to cover my costs but not much else. Despite this, I had such a lovely day and I got to meet an absolutely lovely crafty lady!

Meet Laura from Bethany Maddison. Perhaps one of the cutest lines of products I have seen, like, ever.

Just have a quick peek at some of beautiful things. Bunting, cushions and bags to swoon over!

I'm so pleased to have met her, now she is working on getting her blog set up but for now you can follow her on facebook. Just search Bethany Maddison!

Go on now, off you go! Love you all!

Love Missy

Monday, 6 December 2010

crushing on plushies

Hi hi!
I am adding to my for ever growing "I would love this but can't afford it" list. I am head over heels in love with these cuties! Just have a look...

I want this little foxie pal so much! What perfect little darling to find under your Christmas tree!

 And hello... I am so smitten with this little one. Just look at his little face... LOVE!

And yes, I know this isn't a plushie but I'm in a loved up mood today AND my bestie gets married exactly 2 weeks today. I'm pretty excitable! Okay, so I'm off to make more paper chains to decorate my living room.

Happy Monday!

Love Missy

hello from a sleepy blogger

Hi Guys! I am super super sleepy today! I have just spent all evening wrapping presents and getting all christmassy! I had my craft fayre yesterday which was absolutely lovely! Here are some pictures of my stall.

I had no idea I had so much stuff, it took up two tables.

It was lovely to hear everyones comments on my things, I was so excited!

I have another fayre lined up for Tuesday at a much larger venue, there will be a lot of big names though so I am bit nervous!

Then after staying up until the silly hours for the past week, I dragged myself out of bed at 6am today to do my carboot sale. I would show pictures but I got swarmed and most of my stuff sold before I got it to the table. Yikes!

What has your weekend entailed? I am excited to spend some quality time tomorrow morning with a coffee and a blog reading catch up!

Bon Nuit!
Love Missy