Sunday, 12 December 2010

my dorkiness just hit an all time high...

Hey everyone. I thought I would share a super dorky moment I had today...all in the aid of notebooks. Many many of you know I am obsessed with notebooks, diaries and journals of all kinds. However, I have been searching for the exact right brand that suits my style perfectly and yesterday I found it!

It was a notebook I have had for about 6 months and not used yet (a familiar story, as I can't stop buying them) It was perfect sized to fit in my bag, could take my favourite inky pens without going through the page and was lovely and thick too. Best of all it was super cheap and from a big brand supermarket nearby! I went out today to go stockpile some more and to my absolute horror...they didn't have any!


Yup, I'm ashamed to say that I hassled the guy that worked there to go search in back and anywhere they might be, but to no avail. This evening, I searched online. The shops website and even Ebay! Then, I posted this on facebook... 

"this is a (sorta) desparate cry for anyone who lives near an asda (not the great yarmouth one though!) I need your help!"

Oh yes, I was asking people across the country to help me track down these notebooks...I hit new levels of dorkiness. I have since calmed down a little... and will wait until tomorrow to call local stores!


Have you done anything that embarrassing? Do tell, i'd love to know that I am not alone!

Love Danielle


  1. What was it like, the notebook? Xxx

  2. It was just a plain black A5, kinda fabricy covered one but the paper was gorgeous and some were plain and others were squared! Have no fear though, my plea didn't go unnoticed and I am now fully stocked on these! Hurray!!


    p.s watch out for the postman Gen xx


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