Tuesday, 14 December 2010

25 before 26 Re-Cap

Hey! It was pretty much this time last year that I started reading blogs. One of the first ones I stumbled upon was Elsie's, a beautiful mess. Totally hooked ever since! She inspired me from the word go with this little project she was doing called 27 before 28.  It's basically a l.ist of things she wanted to accomplish before she was 28. I thought it was a fantastic idea and began a new sketchbook with this as my front page.

My goals for the year were:

1. Open an Etsy Store: I did this, you can visit Curious Key here
2. Learn to use a sewing machine: I took Rachel Denbow's class and have a good start on this one!
3. Learn to Crochet: Yep I did this, you can see some of my projects here.
4. Try long hair: I went Curly instead and I love it!
5. Start a blog: I think this one speaks for itself!
6. Have a handmade year: I have made tons and tried to buy handmade where possible.
7. Create a toy collection: There are the owls, but it's not what I had in mind...to be continued.
8.Write a children's book: I have started this, but it keeps getting put aside...I will carry on though.
9. Take more photos: definately completed this one...my iphone alone has 2.373 pictures!
10. Improve handwriting: I have never liked my writing, until now I tried cursive...lovely
11. Be a size 12: Ok, I didnt get this one, but I'm on the way.
12. Create Curious Key: my idea here was to create a brand, its only young but it's there
13. Look for inspiration every day: My eyes are definately open wider than they have ever been. (not literally!)
14. See my lovlies in Bristol: I'm so glad I got the chance to do this, again soon please?
15. Make a notebook range: I have to admit I got nowhere with this one...it's still a dream though.
16. Create accessories: Yes, I did this...but I want to make newer, cuter and prettier ones!
17. Go to London: I didn't make this one, hopefully in the New Year.

18. Set a date: wow, no luck here either...although I have begun to scrapbook ideas! Shh...
19. Walk more: admitting slight laziness on this one...doing better over the last month
20. Make a pattern for cup cozies: I'm still learning to crochet...not up to pattern making yet!
21. Be blonde: Yes I went back to having happy hair! Love.
22. Try sugarcraft: I made lots of cupcakes, does that count?
23. Get a tattoo: hmm...not sure if I still want to do this one...maybe if I found the perfect image?
24. Make creepy crochet creatures: I made 2... not quite the 21 I was hoping for but still!
25. Make time to paint: I still want to do this so bad but I think I need to spend more time with a sketchbook first to find my comfortable style.

So, my birthday is in less than a month and I have a few ideas for what is going on my 26 before 27 list. Will you do one of these? What's going to be on yours? 

Love Danielle


  1. Great list! I really should sit down and do one also.

    Oh and ...Get a tattoo! :D

  2. ooooo emmmmmm geeeeee...How about London for your birthday???? xxxx (or nearish, like the 8th or 15th??) xxx (p.s its Emma) xxx

  3. I live in the UK if you make it to London let me know I'll tell you all the fab places to go :)


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