Saturday, 18 December 2010

a sale and a biscuit!

Hi guys, things are pretty busy Etsy sale (yippee) so things to make and pack, a poorly fiance (self inflicted work party hangover I might add) and I have a VERY excited toddler who asks me at least 12 times a day, if Santa is coming yet. He even offered to eat all the chocolates in his advent calendar as that would mean he would come tonight...I love how kids think! The truth is that I am the same. I adore Christmas, I think it is the most magical time of year, I get to spoil those I love and see their faces when they open the gifts I have chosen for them. I feel truly lucky at this time of year to have such a close-knit, kind and loving family and such beautiful wonderful friends. I have to admit though, I will be the first one up Christmas morning...yes, even before Haydn. I always am, the excitement gets to me and i end up feeling sick. That's always cured by present opening and chocolate! I seriously can't wait.

Yesterday was Haydn's last day at Nursery until the New Year too. He came home with a bag full of goodies, cards, presents, pictures etc and a cute snowman biscuit that he made himself. I managed to grab a quick pic of this one before it got swallowed up! Tomorrow I think we are gonna make some mince pies. So much fun. 

Hope you are all having a fun weekend! 

Love Danielle

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