Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Beautiful Talent: Skunkboy Creatures

I'm sure many many of you have heard of the lovely Skunkboy Creatures but for those who haven't please pay attention... I am going to give your eyes a treat!

This is Katie, creator of Skunkboy Creatures, she is a completely adorable and ultra talented. She makes the lovliest little creatures. 

This little one is my all time favourite, how gorgeous! Perfect for these Christmassy, chilly times too! 

You could easily be forgiven for not being able to pick a favourite though since there are so many sweeties to choose from! 

I'm absolutely inspired by Katie, especially as I read today that she only started to sew 3 years ago...amazing no? Plus she is mommy...not only to her daughter, Hope but also to another baby girl who is due pretty soon!

So please, go and visit the Skunkboy Creatures blog or treat yourself at her shop. It's seriously lovely!

Good Night,
Love Missy

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  1. I love Katie's work! She is one talented lady :) xx


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