Thursday, 16 December 2010

an overly indulgant wish list

Hello lovlies, today I have been doing some indulgent window shopping(online) and I have comiled a list of 10 things I would love to have but are either very expensive or very non-essential.  

First up is a Jo Totes camera bag. This is going to be on so many people's wish list's this year! SO beautiful and still completely functional. I can just imagine packing it full of my sketchbooks, cameras and favourite pens. I said I would never have one of these...until we borrowed one or the weekend! They are just so handy...especially for reading all my favourite blogs!

Ooh..another techy toy Who knew I would be such a gadget girl huh? I blame my man! I would love love love one of these to take pretty pictures with. I'd also like to take a course to get to know how to work it properly, rather than just pointing and shooting.

My own little coffee machine... my own personal starbucks. Dream. Come. True!

I really want this book! As you know I am a huge Elsie fan and have heard such fantastic reviews about this book. I want to do some more just for fun, creative projects to find my niche and stretch my creativity. 

I'd love a little sewing machine of my very customise, love and make pretties with!

Wow, I'm feeling all wished out, what would you wish for? Don't worry, we won't judge!

Love Danielle

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