Tuesday, 28 December 2010

wow, hello there!

Hi! I'm blogging today in a post Christmas haze of food, drink, excitement, smiles and presents! I had an absolutely wonderful Christmas, I got spoilt rotten and ate for 6! I'll share some of my gifts from Santa tomorrow because I'm very excited about them. I cooked my first ever Christmas dinner and it was really good. I made rather too much food but no one minded! My sister stayed over last night too and we had a little crafting session, we made pin cushions! I'll share these tomorrow too. Oh, and I found another Christmas movie that I love. I can't believe I forgot about it actually as it's one of my all time favourites.

The Nutcracker Prince

It's completely magical and makes me so happy! I love the music in it too. Have you heard of this film? Lots of people haven't but I can completely recemmend it!

It's all that Christmas should be, in a good old fashioned way!

Back tomorrow with present peeks. Hope you are all enjoying your holidays!

Love Danielle 

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