Sunday, 12 December 2010

all shook up...

Hi, I have had such an exciting day today. I have learnt a lot (details to follow soon) and soul searched a lot too. In an effort to make even my wildest dreams a reality I am gonna shake things up around here. Over the next few weeks you will probably notice some changes here on Curious Key...some will be subtle (you might not even notice them) and some will be obvious. But, I am hoping that all the changes will make for a better place to come, sit down, take a few minutes and relax. 


My head is full of plans, hopes and dreams and I will be working furiously into the night, trying to get them all on paper before they disappear. 

I hope you like all the changes that are to come. The first one that you may notice is I am changing the name I use to sign off my posts. I will use my real name from now on. I feel that Missy is a personal nickname between a few close friends and that it doesn't represent me or my blog properly. 

So hi, from your new (but same) blog host Danielle! I hope you will love all the changes that are on the way.

Love Danielle


  1. Ooooh :) I look forward to seeing what's to come! Hope you're having a lovely weekend. Ax

  2. Looking forward to everything you have planned for us!


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