Sunday, 31 October 2010


Hello Lovelies! I have had such a fun day! We got the house all halloweened up and then celebrated with coffee and pastries!

It's so much fun! Here is our spooky pastry table.

Do you like my Halloween flowers?

They had a pumpkin in them!

We got some cool Spider web too!

We made a creepy window display but you can't really see all the spider webs.

These are our cute little ghosts for the back door.

And here is my little pumpkin! Isn't he so cute!

I hope you are all having a Happy Halloween!

Love Missy

pumpkins and christmas

Hi, today I have been doing Halloween and Christmas stuff. First of all we made our pumpkins! I don't have finished pics yet but here is Haydn getting completely stuck in!

I have also been starting some Christmas crafts. I started on a bunting advent calendar. I love red and green! It makes me feel all festive!

I'm trying to think if some lovely ideas to do with this chunky red and green wool

Any suggestions? Are you starting any festive crafts? Id love to know about them.

Love Missy

Saturday, 30 October 2010

oh happy happy

Hi! I am soo happy today. Yesterday too. You know when the days are just fab and everything goes your way. The stuff you want to buy is In the sale or you find some extra money you had forgotten about? Well that has been my days recently. I'm pretty pleased cos I have had a difficult few weeks, but I finally feel like me again! Today at work we made Halloween cakes

They were so much fun

They turned out so cute and my residents had such a good time! Here they all are together... We did biscuits too! Yum yum!

I have also been in the craft room all evening starting my Christmas crafts. Hopefully I can show you a sneak peek soon. For now though here is a peek at my inspiring washing line!

Sorry for the terrible lighting... It's late!

Hope you are all having good days and enjoy the weekend!

Love Missy

Thursday, 28 October 2010

more button love!

Good evening! I tried to post this last night but my 3G is seriously slow and I actually fell asleep waiting for it to post! Anyway, here is the beautiful button loveliness from Jodie at meringue diary.

It's absolute buttony perfection. The colours match so beautifully. If I had this in my craft room I would be a seriously happy lady!

Go have a look at her blog(s) as they are super cute!
(I don't know how to link on my phone yet)

Love Missy

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

house share...haydns room!

Hi hi hi! I'm really excited. The first room in our new house to be completely finished is Haydn's. I'm so jelous lol! I wish I was 2. We gave him one of the bigger rooms and I'm so glad we did... He wouldn't have fit otherwise!

Excuse the pink for the bed guard lol! He won't be needing it much longer!

I love his new furniture! The wardrobe is so funky.

His own little study area... Or craft area if I have my way!

I love the wall stickers too... I thought it would be better than painting as we don't own the house!

I'm hoping to get some spare time to make him some bunting and a few plush friends soon. He already has a sock monkey called mr. Popsie thy my sister made for him. He is just argue perfect tea party age too. He invites all his friends and has a picnic with them.

I have a super happy boy at the moment and he is so proud of his new bedroom! What do you think?

Love Missy

p.s sorry if the pics are bad quality...everything is being done from my phone for a month or so! x

Monday, 25 October 2010

back to crafting

Oh my gosh I'm back! My craft room is kitted out enough to start working in! Yay! It still needs the Walls beautifying somewhat and shelves need to go up but I can go in there now to actually make things. Here's what I've been doing this evening...

Getting my zip flowers ready to hit the shop they are going in tomorrow! Eek, exciting!

Some organising of pretty things in the super cute pots!

Making a lace and button ring... Thus picture does not do the colours justice... Stupid night time lighting? The lace is cream and the button is a beautiful deep purple.

Making a pretty window display.

And last but not least trailing a zip flower ring... Opinions??

I think I will be pretty much blogging from my iPhone for a month as it's gonna take that long to get the Internet here :( but hopefully my regular blogging will be back and I will begin to feel like me again!

Thanks so much to all of you who have stuck with me these last weeks, its been pretty difficult but I'm hoping the worst is over now.

As a thank you I will be posting a glorious giveaway very soon!

Night loves

Thursday, 21 October 2010

creating something special

Hello! I am STILL moving in. I so thought this would be done already! I am enjoying finding new homes for things though. This evening I worked on getting curtains up and the craft room! I am missing making things so much! I want to get this room done soon. I have tons of ideas for projects! For now though... my happy picture for the day!

I'm having a whole drawer for buttons!

Nighty lovlies
Love Missy

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Making progress

Good evening! I am blogging for the first time from my new house! (from my iPhone as we don't have the Internet yet! Yikes) I feel like I am making good progress with the house although it's actually a much bigger task than I originally thought. Both bedrooms are pretty much done except curtains.... The kitchen is almost done except shelves (for displaying my teapots hehe) and the lounge... Is a work in progress! The craft room is tomorrows to do list. I started it today but need more storage and another table. I took a little time out today for a treat in honour of my hard work!

Yummies! Hope everyone had a productive and happy day!

Love Missy

Sunday, 17 October 2010

please time...slow down a little!!

Wow...where are these days going? Honestly... they are flying and I am having serious craft/blogging withdrawal. I am almost into the new house and things are looking pretty! I am trying to sort out the internet but there is no phoneline so we have to have one installed! Looks like Ill be visiting mum to do my blogging lol! Im organising the craft room TOMORROW! I'm beyond excited about this and I have so many ideas. I will be sketchbooking to the wee hours I think. I have been looking for a quote to sum up how I feel today and this just about pins it perfectly.

I feel like I am at a big changing point in my life...hopefully I can give more details soon, but for now...let's just say I am excited about life. I hope you all are too. I will be doing some more blog reading catch ups tomorrow! (I literally JUST found google blog reader) I'm so slow on new things lol!

Sweet dreams!
Love Missy

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

the perfect coffee table

Hi guys! I'll apologise again for the hit and miss posting but trying to move house and work and organise a funeral and have some form of family life is way tiring! We got our keys this morning and had some of the first boxes brought over. I am so so excited with how it looks. I am hoping we will be fully moved in (and back to regular blogging and crafting) by Tuesday! 

My dilema of the day though is coffee tables. I have been searching for the perfect one. I want chunky and natural looking but not cheap looking...and no offence Ikea but you didn't do it for me on this one.
Now I fell in love with this one from sex and the city...


I love all the books... I have so many books that would make perfect coffee table books...i just need the right tablr. I cannot find anything even remotely like this one though. I quite like this too...


But then again glass and a 2 year old definately do not mix. hum hum.... I will have to ponder it some more...if you have any suggestions, please fell free to send me a link! 

Love Missy

p.s I am still reading all your keeps me sane! x

Sunday, 10 October 2010

keeping busy!

My goodness I have been busy these past few days. I think it's probably a good thing! We had a very brief trip to Leicester this weekend. We picked up our fridge freezer and went to ikea for the most immense shop ever! We now have wardrobes, drawers and desks for our house! I'm so excited about haydns room! Now obviously all that stuff would never fit in my teeny car so I have been driving this monster all weekend!

It was like driving a bus! It was pretty scary lol but i liked being up high :)

I also made this little guy as a custom purchase on etsy. Boris is winging his way to his new home!

Love Missy

P.s I am collecting up some cute items for a giveaway next week!

Friday, 8 October 2010

gone a bit AWOL

Hi! I am still here I promise...I had a re
ally difficult time on Wednesday as I lost an elderly man I looked after and was friends with. So, I have been struggling with that and also other arrangements that need to be made. I won't mention any more about this as I like my blog to be my happy place. I will be back to my regular blogging very soon I hope!

(wish I had a happy place like this one!!)

Loves, Missy

Monday, 4 October 2010

just taking some time.

I have been struggling to be creative the past few days. I have tons of ideas but no drive. I think because I know I'm moving... everything is messy and there's no space. It's kinda making me crazy. So to sort this out I am going to take some time tomorrow and Wednesday to just do this...

Back to basics... Can't beat a sketchbook session!

I'm excited...
Love Missy

Sunday, 3 October 2010

house sneak peeks

Good Evening! Back to my late night posting I see! I couldn't post yesterday as I was sat in a&e til 1am with an elderly friend of the family. Needless to say I am sleepy today! But...we still managed to get our house shopping started today. We ordered our sofas! I am so excited... We have gone for a pretty pinkish purple colour with a floral fabric. I can't wait to get them in the house!

This picture makes it look way more purple than it actually is, but you get the idea right?
Here are some other sneak peeks from other rooms.

Lots and lots of pretty fabric things.

Cute colours!

Egg cup cosies...I actually couldn't say no.

Beautiful bowls!

And some mint green.

And a little bit of luxury!
I have decided on my ideas for the living kitchen and bathroom. I am working on Haydns room (I'm so excited for that room) and I have no ideas for our room and I am still researching for the craft room ( which will double as an office for the mr.)
That's it for now!
Love Missy

Friday, 1 October 2010

to make a house a home....

Hi hi hi! I got some super exciting news today... Our application for am house got accepted and we get our keys on the 13th

It's a rented house for now but we are going to carry on saving till we can afford to buy! I am super excited to start getting it all set out as our own! I am going to spend lots of time looking at inspirational homes now to get tons of ideas fornwhen I get to do ours!

If you know of any cute home ideas please leave me a link, I'd love to see!

Love Missy