Wednesday, 13 October 2010

the perfect coffee table

Hi guys! I'll apologise again for the hit and miss posting but trying to move house and work and organise a funeral and have some form of family life is way tiring! We got our keys this morning and had some of the first boxes brought over. I am so so excited with how it looks. I am hoping we will be fully moved in (and back to regular blogging and crafting) by Tuesday! 

My dilema of the day though is coffee tables. I have been searching for the perfect one. I want chunky and natural looking but not cheap looking...and no offence Ikea but you didn't do it for me on this one.
Now I fell in love with this one from sex and the city...


I love all the books... I have so many books that would make perfect coffee table books...i just need the right tablr. I cannot find anything even remotely like this one though. I quite like this too...


But then again glass and a 2 year old definately do not mix. hum hum.... I will have to ponder it some more...if you have any suggestions, please fell free to send me a link! 

Love Missy

p.s I am still reading all your keeps me sane! x


  1. The coffee table from Sex in the City is awesome! Good luck with your search

  2. That is a LOT of things to be juggling at the same time! Kudos to you for still knowing which way is up! I love the SatC coffee table, and I love everything about the second photo! Alas, I'm not sure about possible places to purchase a coffee table... Will sleep on it and see if inspiration strikes!! xx


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