Monday, 25 October 2010

back to crafting

Oh my gosh I'm back! My craft room is kitted out enough to start working in! Yay! It still needs the Walls beautifying somewhat and shelves need to go up but I can go in there now to actually make things. Here's what I've been doing this evening...

Getting my zip flowers ready to hit the shop they are going in tomorrow! Eek, exciting!

Some organising of pretty things in the super cute pots!

Making a lace and button ring... Thus picture does not do the colours justice... Stupid night time lighting? The lace is cream and the button is a beautiful deep purple.

Making a pretty window display.

And last but not least trailing a zip flower ring... Opinions??

I think I will be pretty much blogging from my iPhone for a month as it's gonna take that long to get the Internet here :( but hopefully my regular blogging will be back and I will begin to feel like me again!

Thanks so much to all of you who have stuck with me these last weeks, its been pretty difficult but I'm hoping the worst is over now.

As a thank you I will be posting a glorious giveaway very soon!

Night loves

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  1. Lovely!!! Glad to see you back my love xxx


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