Tuesday, 26 October 2010

house share...haydns room!

Hi hi hi! I'm really excited. The first room in our new house to be completely finished is Haydn's. I'm so jelous lol! I wish I was 2. We gave him one of the bigger rooms and I'm so glad we did... He wouldn't have fit otherwise!

Excuse the pink for the bed guard lol! He won't be needing it much longer!

I love his new furniture! The wardrobe is so funky.

His own little study area... Or craft area if I have my way!

I love the wall stickers too... I thought it would be better than painting as we don't own the house!

I'm hoping to get some spare time to make him some bunting and a few plush friends soon. He already has a sock monkey called mr. Popsie thy my sister made for him. He is just argue perfect tea party age too. He invites all his friends and has a picnic with them.

I have a super happy boy at the moment and he is so proud of his new bedroom! What do you think?

Love Missy

p.s sorry if the pics are bad quality...everything is being done from my phone for a month or so! x


  1. Cute! The furniture is awesome! I especially love the wardrobe!

  2. I have always wanted that furniture if i had a baby!! It looks awesome and is so imaginative! I bet some super crafting is going to go down in there :)

  3. So cute! I bet he loves it :) Wall stickers are such a great alternative to painting :) xx


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