Tuesday, 9 November 2010

cute store profile: cherry cherry

Hello hello! I am bringing back the cute store profile today. I found this amazing store today and in so excited that it's in my home city if Norwich. It's literally like the perfect place to buy handmade.

All the items are made by completely cute crafters, just like lots of you! It's a brilliant way to find new talent and some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen!

These cups are to die for!

I could have spent hours in here, honestly. There are so many lovely things to look at!

The stores owner Kate, has done an incredible job of styling there store, which I was told has only been open for around 6 months.

I am in love with all the journals and sketchbooks... I just had to have one! The great thing is that when I bought it, I felt like I was buying it off an individual and that it meant something... Kinda the same feeling of utter excitement when I have a sale on etsy!

There were so many cute displays and items i want to show you!

These cupcake pincushions are adorable... I want one!

And these treasures to... The artwork is perfect and I love love love the cups and saucers.

Cherry cherry is a magical place and it will definately be on my itinerary every time I go to Norwich both for buying presents and of course treating myself. If you ever get the chance to visit, please do... It's a gorgeous experience!

You can also find out more at the website www.cherrycherryshop.co.uk

Love Missy


  1. Looks lovely :)

  2. oooo I would love to go!


  3. just seen your zipper flower brooches on etsy..... LOVE THEM!!!! xx


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