Sunday, 22 August 2010

A crochet blanket just for me... and apparently him!

Hi all, just realised I haven't posted about this yet! At the craftfair I was at the other Sunday I was lucky enough to snag myself a perfectly giant granny square blanket. I love it so much and only paid £2 for it! Omg how brilliant. Only problem is Haydn has taken a shine to it and now I have to share.

I don't mind tho, especially when he looks this cute in it!

He thought he was invisible under it!

It's so perfect for snuggling with, I think most of my family have had at least one snuggle moment with it!

Have you come across and bargains recently?

Love Missy


  1. great blanket! one day i am going to get off my lazy butt and actually finish my crocheting projects...right now i have a ton of squares that can easily put together in one big square hehehe :)


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