Thursday, 5 August 2010

crushing on kitchens

Evening all! Well I was supposed to have a post aboutmy new blue and yellow wreath that I finished yesterday and also my first ever Shrinkles...BUT i have currently misplaced my Iphone and that is where the pictures are....hmmmm. That post will have to wait until tomorrow me thinks.

So I got to thinking...just for a change about kitchens, I have a vision of what I want mine to look like...and secretly I kmeep storing items away that I like hehe. These are some ideas of what I would like for my kitchen but with a Missy twist added in for good measure!

I just love clean white kitchens that have  a 'calamity jane' cottage look to them.

Cream kitchens are good too. I would love to throw some red in here. Yum...that's the colour scheme I would like to use!

Now, open storage is an absolute must if I have any spare space at all! Perfect for my coffee pot collection!

and this...well just wow. All the pretty colours. In Love!!

What is your style? Do you get as excited about homely projects as I do?

Love Missy 

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  1. I love pretty kitchens so much!! I get super excited about homely projects, alas I still live with my family, and they stamp down on my ideas on a pretty regular basis!!

    Can't wait to hear about your shrinkle adventure!! A xxxxx

  2. Coffee pot collection? I would love to see that. :)

  3. Hi Marci, its only a modest collection at the mo as I am a newbie collector.

    Some can be found here:

    And some here:

    I'm not 100% that they are all coffee pots...some maybe tea. but they are all so beautiful I dont mind either lol!

    Love Missy


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