Thursday, 17 June 2010

thrifty buys, oh how I love you!

Oh my gosh, I got totally carried away in two cute little shops the other day! I got so excited thinking about my new house that I wanted all these things for it. On the whole it all cost less than £18 so it was a total bargain! Have a looksee!

I got this in a whole set for £! It's so sweet, I love that it comes with a larger cake plate!

This lovely lace piece will be going in my kitchen I think!

As will this cream lunch tin...gorgeous! (the colour didn't show too well in these pics)

I have wanted one of these for soooo long, couldn't believe my luck at finding one!

More tea/coffee pots for my collection!

And this one makes 4! woohoo

This will look so pretty with a red carnation in it! (also a lovely cream colour to match the lunch tin)

And this was too lovely not to have. And this also matched the cream colour exactly...lucky or what!

I'm so happy with my purchases? What have you been buying recently?

Love Missy

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