Saturday, 5 June 2010

pillow talk

I'm just about to go to bed, completely exhausted this weekend! Need a few crafting hours tomorrow to re cooperate. Saw an oh-so sweet little cottage today, in an ideal world I would buy it...I would maybe move the location though.

Anyway, I dreaming about my house and I got onto thinking about cushions, I LOVE cushions and plan to have lots of them. Here are some gorgeous ones I have found online.

These are soo sweet! I really love the owl one....I want it!!!

I am putting these on my 'try and make it yourself cos it will be cheaper' list for sometime soon. I have lots on this list!

Love this colour red. I want this in my kitchen when I finally get a house. Mmmmm red and white!
and these...are they not perfect for a child's room. I'd love one for Haydn's room, maybe with a little boat on!

Okay beautiful people! I am going to sleep, my eyes hurt!

Love Missy

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  1. your blog is SO cute, i'm so glad i found it!!

    it's so colorful and cute! :)


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