Sunday, 20 March 2011

the sound of love

A few days ago, I wrote this post about watching Amelie for the first time. During the film I found myself continuously enchanted by the music and tonight I looked for the soundtrack. I am in Love. Music is a huge huge influence in my life, I have probably said it many times on here before but I'll say it again. If there were no more t.v it wouldn't make my life any worse, but if there were no music, it would wreck my life. There is nothing more inspiring, life changing or memory evoking than music and without it life would be a very sad place. So grab a drink, some crafting project, sit back and have a listen....i dare you not to be moved by this!

Love Danielle

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  1. Amelie is such a magical movie! I love it so much. I love the story. It is visually stunning and the music is beautiful. This is the movie I go to anytime I feel sad. When I first saw commercials for Pushing Daisies this movie immediately came to mind. The colors and sets were so bright and beautiful, the music was lovely and the story was so uplifting.

    I've been meaning to write a post to tell people about it in case they haven't seen it. I'm so glad you found it anyway. :)


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