Sunday, 6 March 2011

Oh my gosh...listing games!!

I have just been over to The Curious Pug and found out about a new 30 day challenge that's happening throughout March! Now these aren't usually something I I don't end up finishing them...but dear Lord this one is about lists! I simply can't resist. Nope, no chance, never. You can find out more about the challenge here, but basically, you make a list everyday about a certain topic and post it over a month. This then gives you (and everyone else) an insight into your life right now. I can't wait, really, I'm giddy. 
As I'm a bit late onto this one (ahem) I will post all the lists up to todays in a post later, then I'll try and post the rest daily! Here is one of Alycia's from the curious pug. 

Are you going to do this one too? Ready...set...GO!

Love Danielle

p.s I want to see your lists too! 

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