Wednesday, 2 March 2011

maybe she's born with it...

hello there... I'm just getting ready to have an hour or two with a beautiful coffee and my sketchbook. I'm cranking the heating up, it's still so chilly here! And I'm going to snuggle up and do some planning. There really is nothing like a little bit of me time to re-focus you and get you motivated again. 

On the subject of sketchbooks... I have been wondering, are all illustrators born with their beautiful drawing skills or can they be worked on and gained? I would so love to illustrate, even if only for personal and blog use. 
Now I know there are many fantastic illustrators out there so I thought i might ise this opportunity to ask some questions... I would appreciate your feedback!

1. What do you like to draw?

2. What media do you use? 

3. How do you like to add colour to your work?

4. Where does your inspiration for come from?


I can't tell you how many times I have gone to sit down with my sketchbook and just can't put pen to paper. Maybe it's that I worry that if I start it won't be right. r maybe I just wasn't born with the illustrator gene...

5. Do you think it can be learnt...or is a talent your born with?

Thanks for your help,

Love Danielle

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