Wednesday, 23 March 2011

I'm leaving, on a jet plane...

but I'll be back on Sunday! That's right guys, tomorrow morning we are leaving for Spain. 


My lovely bff is getting married on Saturday and I am a bridesmaid. I'm even doing a reading...I know, who has the paralysing fear of public speaking, yep, that's the one! Anyway, I'm so looking forward to getting out there and just soaking up the sun, eating beautiful (hopefully healthy) food and maybe havin a few drinks? I think I'm pretty much organised to go, although it has taken every ounce of my sanity to do so. I stress so much about travelling. Have I packed everything? Do we have enough clothes, money etc. Even down to have I booked the flights on the right day. Yep, that one is a biggie, I have an irrational fear of turning up at the airport to find I booked the wrong month or something like that. I have quadruple checked them though, and unless the calendar changes overnight, we're good to go! I hope you all have an absolutely glorious weekend! If I find some wifi, I'll do some posting too!

Love Danielle 

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