Monday, 27 September 2010

a little coffee break...

hello, I am super happy today! It must be something about Mondays cos I was really happy last Monday too! 

Anyway, I had a really productive morning in town with Haydn...after we had our ritual trip to starbucks that is! I got some new product ideas and so cheap you wouldn't even believe! Plus, I saw a skirt that I wanted ages ago but never got cos it was too expensive...and today it was massively reduced! Yay, for bargains. Also, bought lots of halloween and christmas supplies for my residents and am going to do card making all afternoon with them!

source...i Love this!!

Also, I am all about positive thinking and happy thoughts at the moment  (posibbly brought on by watching Peter Pan over 15 times int he last 2 days with Haydn!) so anyway, I typed it into google...lookie at what I found!

 Is this not just a perfect doodle...well it's more of a piece af art if you ask me! I found this at The Notebook Doodles... one of the most beautiful and inspiring blog I have come across...ever. I can't wait to come home later and go through all the older posts! In fact...give me some time as I think this will be a Beautiful Talent feature very soon! Go on over though and have a ready to smile and feel uplifted!

Ok, I'm off to work!
Love Missy


  1. Thank you for the positive start to the week :)

  2. whats the skirt like my love?? genna xxx


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