Saturday, 25 September 2010

Beautiful Talent: Gia Canali

Hey there, tonight is the night for me to introduce you to some more jaw droppingly amazing talent. Today we are down the road of photography and in particular that of Gia Canali.

I stumbled across her work the other day whilst looking for this beautiful doily wedding dress and am in love with her work!

Her blog, pursuing the picture perfect wedding is no less than stunning. She has captured so many people's special day in such a unique style...I could look at it all day! These are from my favourite wedding... i love the styling of the pictures and also the wedding beautiful!

This is magical! Such a gorgeous bride and a wonderful picture!

Seriously, the styling and idea for this wedding is beautiful!

I love love love this! Such a beautiful moment captured perfectly!

Gia also does other photography, 

 family photography...makes me smile so much!

and this is so cool.. her underwater project photographs blow me away!

You can find Gia's portfolio and contact details here and her blog here too. I suggest you go over and have a prepared to get caught up in the beauty of it all!

Love Missy

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