Wednesday, 22 September 2010

hello autumn my old friend...

Hi! It's official...autumn is here. I have my skirt ready to go this weekend...with some tights and boots, obviously! I am mega inspired by the beautiful colours that are about right now...warm reds, oranges, browns and golds. 

So much so that I have decided to do a little 'fall' themed range. I gotseriously busy with it tonight and have my first 3 items. I really wanted to share pics with you tonight but I left it too late and the light is so bad I couldn't get even a half decent picture...I'll share tomorrow though! 

It's gonna be halloween soon too! We didn't make a big deal of it last year, ( Haydn was pretty much scared of all costumes except his own!) but I figure why the hell not...its another excuse for some more crafting and fun treats! I wanna carve loads of pumpkins too and have a cute window display!

AND as I mentioned about the classic movies the other day...I finally watched breakfast at Tiffanys. So not what I was expecting but absolutely gorgeous! I spent more time watching the people rather than the film, but it was lovely...i love cat!

So I am on a high as I go to bed tonight...happy happy happy! How has your day been? I'd love to know what you have been doing...are you as excited by Autumn as me?

Love Missy 


  1. I am SO excited about autumn! It's crazy. I love how the leaves are starting to go red. I can't wait to crack open my drawer of wooly tights! Exciting times!! I want to carve some pumpkins this year, last year I didn't get round to it.. Ooohh maybe I should rent Breakfast At Tiffanys? Hope you have a lovely day!
    A xxxx


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