Friday, 24 September 2010

new things..long time coming!

Hello, I am blogging early...ish tonight. I have finally got round to photographing my new items for the shop. Phew...this took some major organisation on my part to be at home long enough in daylight to get the pics! Anyway, I managed it with a little help from Haydn...who was so interested he has ended up in some of the pictures!

First up...we have my Autumn items...there will be more added to this collection soon!

This little Acorn Headband...i love it...I had Haydn wearing it...I wish boys could wear headbands lol...he won't appreciate it when he is 18 lol!

This flower and leaves is really sweet...I'm trying to find someone to model them for pics cos they look way better on!

This camera/Ipod case, very seasonal..lovely leaves in the wind.

Then we get onto the owl themed products (some of these have already appeared on here)

Bert: He is just a little plushie but this pic is cute..I may have to make him into a sleep mask! What do you think?

I decided to go with the name daisy cos of her eyes! 

And I turned this little guy into a key chain. I may keep him.

Evelyn butterfly, had her picture taken...she is oh so photogenic!

A new button clock! This time in miniature, I love purple!

and finally, zip flower hair clips. I wear one of these in my hair everyday now... I really love them and they get noticed so often. As of next week they will be available to buy in an actual shop! It's a one off through a friend of a friend but still...a real shop!

Anyway...what a heavy picture post! I'm off to finish listing these items on etsy now.

Love Missy

p.s just for thoughts...would you guys prefer a giveaway or discount code...or other offer like buy one get one half price etc?


  1. Eee!!! Everything about this post is too cute for words!

  2. Oh thank you! I'm excited for autumn and love the colours! Xx

  3. Oh my! So much wonderfulness going on here! I don't even know where to start! I love the flower and leaves headband! And Bert...oh by gosh...he's so cute! Love, love, love! :)

  4. Love the daisy eyes on that owl! Super cute!


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